18650 DIY Lithium Micro Solar Generator – Finished


Here’s a first look at my new DIY 18650 Lithium Micro Solar Generator. This was a great project to work on and I learned a lot …

Date: August 25, 2023

49 thoughts on “18650 DIY Lithium Micro Solar Generator – Finished

  1. Hey! So cool! You’ve made one of coolest solar generators I’ve seen. I have an SAE port going into mine for my panel. Do you know if on a cloudy day I could also use an AC DC power adapter with 2.5 barrel jack to SAE plug plugged into my Solar panel port? Do most solar controllers support that or is yours special? I have a Renogy 10A Wanderer. Thanks!

  2. I like the build. Thank you for sharing. I am not sure that I understood why you did a combination of 24 volt and 12 volt in the same box. I am guessing it is in case you have sources that require 12 or 24 volt. Or was it because of the increased battery charge rate that you get from the 24 volt system ?

  3. I'm wanting to build my own portable solar generator. I really could use some help. Would you be kind and give me some guidance please. I'm really stuck on the battery. I really can't afford the $400 & $500 dollar lithium batteries. I also have a few other questions to. Thank you..

  4. Thanks for the great project. Love this I am pretty happy with the list, but I don't see the display panel on that is on the top of the solar generator in the parts list. Can you pls help me out. Thank you.

  5. All in all, this is the best build I have seen on YT, and I have seen a lot. I will definitely be doing this project in the future as this costs less than half the price of the other builds I have seen, plus I recognize many of the components he is using including Vruzend. A few things I would do differently is change those rocker switches for the flat waterproof metal start buttons. Placing all the ports at least 10" 's off the bottom would be safer too. When it's finished I am gonna label it "The Green Mountain DIY Guy Energy System". Subbed and signing out!

  6. why you increase the solar charge controller setting amps to 3A instead of 1 amp when you connected to the car battery.
    is that required if i change my source supplied


  7. Just a small note, great system, the XT60 connector you unplug at 2:11 is wired in round the wrong way I think, you should always wire the XT60 with the open terminals facing the non load side. Less chance of shorting.

  8. That is a pretty awesome build. But I have a few questions. 1) Can you use a different lithium battery? 2) what is the max amp-hour output? 3) Do you sell this? 4) Will you build a custom one? 4) What do you charge?

  9. I think I would want a metal box incase batteries burn up. Maybe a thermal fuse (for lack of a better word) on main battery connection. Don't mean to bash your project, you put a lot of work into it and it looks good! Lithium batteries can be dangerous as feck tho

  10. This is a truely brilliant setup !! Lots of choices to boot. I hope to have something made imilar by next year. I am half way there. Thanis for a snashing video G M Diy Guy

  11. Green Mountain DIY Guy – Very nice build. The Time you put into this adds to the cost of $450.00. You can probably repair and build lots of stuff for yourself which is cool ! I am a retired Air-Heat service tech, and at $25.00 an hour it would pay me to just buy a commercial unit like suaoki 400 watt hour, 300 watt – 110 volt output pure sine wave unit (which I have !) for $359.99. It is much nicer than what I could build (with digital display), can accept charging (from solar) up to 120 watts @ 14 to 40 VOC (volts open circuit panels). So, I tend to go the easier route. I also LOVE my Goal Zero 1000 which at $773.00 (open box) including tax is an amazing power source providing 1500 watts pure sine wave at 1kw storage. You can run microwaves, induction cook-tops, etc. easily with this 'puppy'.
    Still, your unit is great. Building it yourself you will have no issues in keeping it 'humming' . Thanks !

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