5 things you should know before buying a portable power station.


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Date: August 24, 2023

38 thoughts on “5 things you should know before buying a portable power station.

  1. Does any one of these power stations have the "automatic restart" feature?

    Meaning that, in a power failure event, it will switch from battery power back to permanent power once the electricity is restored? Or do you need to be home and manually press a button to do this reset?

  2. Just go to Canadian tire and get an 1800 watt eliminator in the amp hour range you want. Don't spend over 200 dollars on what is essentially a marine battery and garbage phase converter. If you need to run a fridge or freezer, get a small generator as those require over 2000 watts starting power for the compressor.

  3. When I decided to buy one for Festival Camping, I calculated the entire power need I had: phones, i-pad, fans, flashlights, etc. no: TV or a/c or microwave or refrigerator. I found that a 160 would cover my needs. BUT, my house was built to support a modern household in 1953: Refrigerator, TV, swamp-cooler, record player and lights. When I bought it, I upgraded the wiring because the builder could not conceive a computer, home entertainment system, outdoor work shop, heat-pump, etc. So, I chose to upgrade my power bank BEGFORE I needed it and bought the 240 to cover whatever I 'might' need in the future. Maybe a c-pap or a travel-fridge for sensitive meds?
    After reading the reviews and watching the videos, I chose the Jackery-240 because a) it had high reviews and the bad reviews were from obvious misuse and b) it was pretty<g>.
    I also found that I could plug my Goal Zero solar panels into the thing and recharge it in a single afternoon while a friend with a 1000 cannot even top his off in a day.
    So I would add, "Can you recharge your unit in a single day?" Can you recharge your unit in a single day while using it?"
    Also, Europe is going to USB-C and America is following. Does your unit support a USB-C or will you need an adaptor?

  4. Thank you for the video.
    I'm coming to the party late.
    What can you do to "Jumpstart" a flat portable powerstation? Mine went flat unfortunately due to an unexpected blackout. I've connected it to power for 10 straight hours and no response. Any advice?

  5. They need to increase charging times down to minutes.. That will be the breakthrough with anything electric storage.. Like turn on it starts charging, like filling up your gas tank.. And bam it done charging you don't have to sit there for three hours

  6. Hi ,i am planning to by a portable power station OUPES 1800W for my camper Van but I can not find that if possible charge this OUPES with my car cigarette socket !?

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