$749 EG4 All-in-one Solar System: 3000W Inverter, 5000W MPPT, 80A Battery Charger


EG4 All In One (affiliate link): EG4 …

Date: August 24, 2023

20 thoughts on “$749 EG4 All-in-one Solar System: 3000W Inverter, 5000W MPPT, 80A Battery Charger

  1. EG4 All In One (affiliate link):

    EG4 Budget 48V LiFePO4 Battery:

    EG4 Server Rack:

    0:00 Box Opening
    0:28 Intro
    3:08 Tear Down
    5:39 Attaching to a battery
    6:03 Battery Communication Setup Steps
    9:22 EG4 Idle Consumption
    9:58 Growatt Idle Consumption Comparison
    10:28 Ground/Neutral Bond Discussion/ Test
    11:18 Wifi Dongle Connection
    13:07 3000W Load Test!
    15:20 AC Input Test
    16:10 Conclusion

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  2. Great stuff, can you please try a setup where this eg4 3000 feeds AC (as a “generator”)to a 12v multiplus ii 2×120 , so I can use the eg4 as an inexpensive way of replacing a victron mppt, breaker, etc. the off grid garage YouTuber did something similar with the multiplus ii and another smaller victron inverter and it worked well.. my use would be for class a rv which will then have a 48 v inverter & battery and a 12v inverter and battery…. THANK YOU. I can volunteer my rv for the test if you would like.. lol

  3. CEO: Guys I don't think lithium is quite flammable/toxic enough.
    R&D: We can always throw some phosphorus into the mix sir…
    CEO: PERFECT GitRDone!

    Just playing folks. I'm all for solar.

  4. In the manual its says that it has 15w idle consuption in eco mode, i live in Poland so i need 220v for all my electronics, so with 2 of those i get 240v I wonder if i use 2 in eco mode does it mean that they will have 30 w idle c? will they really have 240v with good sinusoid? and how much they can power on eco mode. Its inportant because im looking for off grid setup and i dont want 100w tax for just having AC

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