$765 OUPES 1200w LiFePO4 Solar Generator Power Station Review


20 thoughts on “$765 OUPES 1200w LiFePO4 Solar Generator Power Station Review

  1. Well it finally Happened! Giant storm on 7/26/23 swept through south west Detroit! On day 4 WITH NO Power and the 1488 Oupes and the older 1002 jackery have gone to Work! Induction cooker, microwave, iccee 40qt are All working!!! Thanks Tom for All your HARD WORK!!! Numerous ppl i run into i always suggest go to HOBITECH😁😁😁

  2. i guess that the 12v regulation is for ldecrease any voltage sagging when use all ports and might give less quality in other ports!!!!,, but its just a guess,, it sure can make it withstand a sagging with more mosfets and parts but they kept cost low

  3. How long could this run a portable cooler with these specs

    12/24v dc
    110-240 v ac

    CONSUMPTION 0.432 kw.h/24h

    From what searched it said about 18 watts a day but I know nothing about watts and conversions so any help would be appreciated trying to find the right powerstation for rave camping cus they don't allow gas powered gens so I want a power station that can have alot of capacity not break the bank and power like some simple tiny Christmas lights and a fridge and charge phones and or portable chargers and stuff

  4. Good one Prof. I was wondering: charging a lithium battery at below freezing temps can cause permanent damage from plating on the battery anodes. I want to keep mine connected to solar panels in my unheated garage. I’ve heard some generators have battery management systems that either turn charging off when temps drop below freezing or use the battery's charge to warm the battery. Does the OUPES 1200 do either?

  5. Thanks for the review, what would you recommend if you are out of power for more than a week and need to power fridge and household appliances with solar?

  6. Mine just arrived today, and yes, the silent charge and lit-up screen on the Jackery has me spoiled but the price was right for what I bought this for. Thanks again for your review!

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