A Monster Battery Powerhouse for Off-Grid Energy Needs: Bluetti EP500Pro Review


BLUETTI EP500 Pro in the US: BLUETTI EP500 Pro in Europe: Plug gizmo to …

Date: August 25, 2023

31 thoughts on “A Monster Battery Powerhouse for Off-Grid Energy Needs: Bluetti EP500Pro Review

  1. It's a comforting feeling to know you have a safeguard in case of a power failure. I recently ordered the AC 200 Max and 45 minutes later we had one of the worst thunderstorms in history, a small tornado and a total blackout here in Canada. With the amount of wildfires and other natural disasters out of control everywhere this is now a necessity of life. By the way you're going to need another one soon one is never enough. They will get lonely, just joking. One week later I ordered an extra battery and believe it or not that day we had another blackout.

  2. Not sure if answered below but the difference in the cycles is 100% to 20% (80%) gives you the higher and 100% to 0% (Full discharge) gives you the lower. This is what I was told.

  3. Never understood nor had patience with the all too-typical unpacking, "unboxing" videos. Your vid was the first.

    Great transition from what to expect with shipping, a brief, very clean, simple unpacking on through the features. Also, you boys probably need to ask Blue Eddy…oops, Bluetti to have you take your show "on the road"…hilarious.

  4. MR Wanderlust… I wish i research more and found your comment before my purchased.2x AC300 split phase bought end of NOV 2022 .one failed unable to use for almost a week NO RESPONSE from BLUETTI,so frustrating.I just wish all the BLUETTI YOUTUBERS are on consumers side to help people trying to go green doesn't experience worst than ever with this company

  5. I dropped off two defective EP500PRO units in August at at their Las Vegas address and got a written receipt. They were supposed to ship me two new units but after four months I can't get anyone to return a call or respond to an email. They are not answering their phones but they are still selling their products.

  6. Hey guys I'll agree the price may be a barrier for some people but if you have the shop app on your phone that app We'll let you break down the payments into 12 bite size payments as far as I can see 12 months at 15% intrest for the service your monthly payments are going to be about 433.15 a month so I'll admit I'm thinking about getting it for my future tiny house

  7. ❤💛💙 Love this at home UPS backup system! How can the grid handle the increasing demand for electricity? E-cars, E-bikes, E-lectronics, E-homes, and the grid can't handle E-airconditioners in July? We need to set up with Generators, Solar panels, Virtual Off-Grid capability…

  8. 12 years on my Honda generator and uses a simple Briggs engine that is very common if it needed replaced. I don't live in the city, or state that plans to ban gas engines, so this opinion may not be relevant to everyone, it just doesn't seem practical. I respect the concept just not the practicality. Great review otherwise folks!

  9. Thousands of dollars. Every body speaks of when the power goes out. Could this power my small off grid on the daily in a real life scenario? . I dont run very much lol a tv. Game system. Surround sound. Some lights. Charging phones lap tops and power tools. Maybe a small guitar amp 15watts. DVD player small mini fridge. I have generator for ac and propane for heat. I usually work 10 hours a day. So I barely use anything most of day anyway but I would like to leave my tv on all day while I'm at work for my dogs she likes the tv on. Can I charge from predator 3500 inverter generator without worry? For the money its gonna have to be able to make things easy and convenient for me or I will probably just build my own set up. I have alot of things to build so I would like to simplify my power delivery if possible

  10. If you can run this thing from an app on your phone, just like electric cars and Nest thermostats, it can be hacked! So you only get off grid power so long as it is allowed! Sorry, not Independence!

  11. Such stations are very popular here in Ukraine. Our local manufacturers are overwhelmed with consumer requests. No blackout in my region, but as I am all about electricity and my job relates heavily to it things like this can be a game changer this winter. Better to be with such stations than to live under a Russian regime.

  12. Чудовий девайс. Наразі дуже необхідний для будинку в Ірпені. Але ціна не радує. Аби покористуватись поки не перестануть відключати електроенергію або поки не закінчиться війна – було б дуже добре.

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