Airstream Solar Upgrades & NEW EcoFlow Delta 2 Solar Generator


38 thoughts on “Airstream Solar Upgrades & NEW EcoFlow Delta 2 Solar Generator

  1. I recommend you to use Ecoflow solar tracker to setup your solar panel on it! You don’t need to point your solar panel manually! 30% efficiency than manually!

  2. Hi Sarah, love your videos as i have the same Caravel 22FB! Did you need to do anything else when upgrading to lithium batteries? Like swap your converter out or get a battery isolation monitor?

  3. Hi Sarah, first, i love your videos! I enjoy watching them and i get to follow you on your adventures. I do have a question about charging your eco flow generator. In your video, it looks like you keep your ecoflow outside when charging via solar panels. Would there be any concern about overheating the generator since its out in the sun? Thanks and i look forward to more of your videos!

  4. Sarah, remembering that 200 AHs of Lithium batteries is a bunch more than 200 AHS in wet batteries. 200 AHs of wet batteries gives you about a max use of 100 AHs while 200 AHs of Lithium gives you 170 to 180. I guess Zamp is making more money by reversing plugs but they sure make people unhappy.

  5. Great solar review. Your information is always so well articulated to your audience. Not only are you super informative about all things airstream but are super beautiful. 😊Thank you Sarah!

  6. Hi Sarah, we have a 2023 Airstream International 23FB Twin with their factory 300 watt solar package, which also included a Victron BlueSolar charge controller without built-in Bluetooth capability — very similar to your setup. They did throw in LifeLine AGM batteries.

    In the unlikely event you did not know…

    You can add a Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle to you existing unit, but it uses the same VE.Direct port as your current display panel. So, it’s one or the other. You could swap out the Victron BlueSolar charge controller for their SmartSolar charge controller — which has native Bluetooth capability as well as a VE.Direct port into which you could plug in the existing panel display.

    If you add Bluetooth to your charge controller, you gain access to the terrific VictronConnect app with a host of tracking features and the ability to upgrade the controller’s firmware.

    Love your rig, and your videos.

  7. Awesome video! I was expecting another review with all the nonsense stuff that I don't care about. Lol.

    You explained all the great features without going into math and science 😂.

    Can't wait for mine to arrive.

  8. Hi Sarah, amazing video – we got the same Airstream Caravel 22FB with Solar option. I checked with our Airstream dealer and they would charge $1200 for a simple solar upgrade. Your idea with the flexible solar extension is amazing and I'll upgrade asap.
    The Victron solar module is a joke, why did Airstream choose the cheapest one, it would be so much better to go with the Bluetooth enabled Victron – it's so annoying. Btw, my dealer offered an upgrade for $500 – I said no and will try to upgrade to a Victron SmartShunt soon.

  9. Hi Sarah what's going on Pretty girl That solar set up is the best I'll be getting solar next year and I'll be leaving to be on the road as well the Ecoflow will be what I go with can't wait either

  10. Hi Sarah, we have watched your videos from your start. We so enjoy your travels. Your dog roo is my husband’s favorite dog! He always comments on her when we watch your adventures. So, please do tell where you purchased your outdoor rug as I would like one similar to it. The pattern is my favorite. Enjoy life and travel safely. Jim and Tina from Lake Placid Florida 🙂

  11. Hi Sarah! I’m really loving your videos! I love the lake you were at in this vlog! I don’t own an RV yet but thinking about making the leap to full time RV living. I admire you for all the changes you’ve made to your RV to make it perfect for you and the way you live/camp. I also have a chocolate lab mix that will be with us. Do you have waggle for your rV? I heard it’s a safety system for your pet? Have you had any issues leaving Rue? We have added Washington State to our bucket list and I think it will be one of the first long distance trips we take!

  12. Since I had always been so fascinated with Airstream, I was all in on buying an Airstream. As researched and watched many reviews, let's just say I will not be buying one. Very disappointed on their lack of offerings on inverters, batteries, and solar options. Plus, their price points should include a more off grid equipment and accessories.

  13. Sarah, thank you for another informative video. I’m so impressed with your knowledge and adventurous spirit! As a sister Airstreamer, I wish you many wonderful adventures 😊

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