AllPowers S2000 Solar Generator Review. Off Grid power station. Is it worth the price?


Review of the AllPowers Solar Generator. 2000W Pure Sine Inverter. 1500WH Li-ion battery. 500W MPPT controller to charge …

Date: August 24, 2023

12 thoughts on “AllPowers S2000 Solar Generator Review. Off Grid power station. Is it worth the price?

  1. Just grabbed one of these for $500CDN used (has some screen issues but I can monitor with app). Seems like a steal of a deal even if I only use it to charge my much better Ecoflow Delta 2.

  2. Have a few of these. Bought May 2022. Used daily to power domestic appliances such as coffee machine, 1800w one cup hot water for tea, induction hob and a tall fridge and a tall freezer drawing around 50 to 100w peak. Smart tv and kids PCs.

    Whilst im sure these are not on par with ecoflow or bluetti, they are better than jackery! Mine are used either, on the road in a uk spec rv or at home. Power outage, no issue for at least 24hrs on one device. But combined with home solar, 12v 10a charging the battery is up to 100% in a few hours. The bonus for these, are ups, essential for my kids PCs drawing 100w each for 7 to 10 hrs a day, bit more value at night saving 14kw of electric nightly per week. One wont hit 100% charge. So ive a mounted 400w AP solar panel next to it hung on a wall. As soon as i plug into xt60 port it kicks to 100.

    Negatives over long time use. Fluctuation of draw, one night of tv on 100w draw is not replicated on another day. So 50% @100w over 8hrs on a Monday, repeated tuesday, wednesday and so on, will ptoduce a final reading of 40/75/89% no significsnt change to use!

    Duel ac and solar charge allows another 100w quick chrge. The AP say 80% in 1.5hours, not a chance 3hrs at best.

    Positives, portable. For rv use, i take 2, it forfills out needs and in a total failure of on board lead battery, we still have power. I use an adaptor to plug dirtectly to the rv, howevet best practice is to simply plug in an extension lead to power appliances.

    I did noy pay the prices youve mentioned but id buy more at £800 if they sold them on offer. Which they did in UK a few months ago

    My final good point, But this equates to all solar generators. If home owners have a wall mounted battery system, they are limited to that home, if they break, an expensive replacement beyond warranty. Buy a generator is small cost should one become defunct. Happy days.

  3. Good revue, people learn quickly that power stations of any make have there limitations, example is when camping to boil water use a butane single burner, making coffee use a French press, a hair dryer will drain them fast.

  4. Just an FYI for anyone thinking about buying this….. Don’t Waste Your Money!!! I bought one, used it 2 times then it would not power on any more. I contacted Allpowers and they did not replace or even fix it. They tried to tell me that I over charged it. How is that even possible? It’s too much money for something that doesn’t work, and the fact that they don’t stand behind their product says a lot. They know they are selling a faulty product, that’s why it’s so cheap compared to others.

  5. I use mine for the freezer when power goes out. My pecron e3000 is for the upstairs fridge lights etc. Everyone should have some sort of power when they turn the lights off.

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