Anker 767 Powerhouse Test – The Ultimate Off Grid Power Station!


28 thoughts on “Anker 767 Powerhouse Test – The Ultimate Off Grid Power Station!

  1. Take note that , like my test yesterday, the 2-200w panels did charge the 767 in around 2 hrs but that was starting with 73% charge. If it was near empty you're looking at 10hours+ likely. There just aren't enough max sun hours in a day to get you there. So, I'm looking at getting a 400w panel to add plus the extension battery so I'm good for at least a 2-day outage powering my fridge plus maybe an extra day with the 800W panels recharging during the day.

  2. FYI: Be careful with those open ports on that XT60 connector. Those empty ports are "LIVE"…..i.e. you can get a nice zap if you're not careful. I've heard that Anker is aware of their "oversight" and are supposedly working on a solution. I'd go with some electrical tape in the meantime.

  3. Thank you for this video! I am going back-and-forth on getting the 757 or the 767. I am just starting out with overlanding and I’m thinking the 767 would make a better investment over time. What do you think? Or, will the 757 work just fine. Both are 50% off right now and I am going to purchase one tonight. What would you advise for a beginner ? Be conservative or take the larger investment?

  4. Running 2 dc's at the same time is literally a 10$ part for any other solar generator. I see the appeal of not having to buy the thing though my bluetti 200max has a few dc ports though.

  5. Better think twice before you spend thousands on this. If you have a defective unit while it’s under warranty you’re covered. After that, to quote customer service “We currently do not have a repair service for Anker Power Station. But we do offer an exchange when an item is defective within the warranty.” I now have a worthless Bluetti that just failed out of warranty. Do you feel lucky??

  6. Does anyone know if you leave the main unit inside your vehicle and remove the expansion battery, can you charge just the expansion battery in your house separate from the unit, then connect a fully charged expansion battery to the partially charged unit, is there any issue with this?

  7. MY apologies you answered my question at the 1:07 time stamp> I will get 4096 watts output combined using the RV PLUG with both anker and expansion batteries working at the same time!
    this is key for maximum draw if needed. I love it it pays to watch your video more than once! Thanks again

  8. thanks for response when I add battery pack I know I am double power over 4,000 watts! Can I use the rv plug then to back feed to a series of lets say the reliance 4 or six switch power selected breakers then I can switch from the reliance Gen switch. back to line in on grid when needed. Basically the RV output I just can't exceed over 4,000watts to any devices when using the expansion pack. I just received my 767 and expansion love it today and a did a firmware upgrade thanks for you review great video. when you run your RV off the unit with expansion pack do you run everything or just a selected devices or maybe you can run the whole RV all appliances off the Anker ?

  9. hi great video can I use the top battery backup as a separate charger like a small freezer in garage , then use the bottom on in the house for lights fridge ect ect thank you

  10. You probably hear Chinese cheap shit, but it really depends how much you wanna pay! If your company wanna build high quality brand name like anker, And customer you target is high class people, trust me , the product will be good as old japanese products. Unfortunately most people today are cheap, they just wanna some cheap shit. It is just like game change today

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