Anker 767 Update! New Problems?!


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Date: August 24, 2023

49 thoughts on “Anker 767 Update! New Problems?!

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    If you wish to support Anker, buy it from them direct:
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  2. My 767 is fully charged, it’s been (2 days) and still has not started charging the expansion pack. 🤷‍♂️ all firmware 1&2 has been updated. Any advice, besides sending it back and getting two ecoflows. 😂. Your advise is greatly appreciated.

  3. I was thinking about purchasing this model, but now I'll look for something else. Someone mentioned great depedability with the "Point Zero Titan."

  4. Hello Will. on your video off the Anker 767 2048 Watts Powerhouse generator I enjoyed Please could you tell me how many amps ( Amps ) this will use .. draw max draw when charging from 240 volts ( UK residents) . Home household supply. Thank you Will. ( I ask as what too buy this powerhouse 767 but I've in a mobile home that is hooked up to the national grid but with only 65 amp trip breaker limit… thanks buddy

  5. Wish I saw this before I bought it. After your first video it seemed perfect. Hope they can fix these issues via a software update. I planned to use in my camper and shed for lights.

  6. I bought this unit and expansion battery but I can still not run my RV 15,000 BTUs,1875 Watts roof air conditioner. I plug the rv into it with the 30 amp connector and when I turn on the air conditioning in the 37' Trailer and this unit shuts off. What is going on? Then only other thing it is powering is the rv refrigerator

  7. I have a detached garage. Estimates to run power to it from the closest utility pole are $4,000 to $6,000. Right now, I need enough power to run two trickle chargers, one to a UTV and another to a motorcycle. Also, an interior light. I’ve looked at several power stations with solar panels, (EcoFlow & Growatt, both under $2,000), but I’m not sure what is appropriate for my needs. Can anyone advise on what is appropriate and the most economical.

  8. Okay, an update … I posed to Anker support some of the issues raised here and below are my questions and their answers (marked "A" just below my questions). Hope this helps. Note. They didn't really comment on why Will Prowse's expansion unit failed to charge sometimes for 3 days; only that it should have. Anyway, here are those questions from me and their answers. Kudos to Anker for a very quick response.

    1. Sometimes after main unit charges with solar, an attached expansion pack would not begin to charge for sometimes as long as 3 days until main unit finally connected with it.

    A: The expansion battery will start charging once the 767 Powerhouse is fully recharged.

    2. Clicking noise heard as main unit switched from AC to DC (sun) source. This was just when sun came up so it recognized solar input, switched from AC to DC, saw it wasn’t very strong and switched back over and over causing a very annoying clicking noise. Are there plans to allow AC and DC sources to charge unit at the same time?

    A: The clicking noise issue has been resolved by a firmware update. We do not have plans to allow AC and DC sources to charge unit at the same time. When the 767 is connected to solar panels and the mains at the same time, it will receive power from the mains as a priority.

    3. Display cuts off too soon. I thought there was a way to control this time with the app but he was saying no ( as of 2 months ago)

    A: You can set a timer regarding the display stay on time via the Anker APP.

    4. I’m not entirely clear on his last complaint (solar doesn’t “wake up” the unit) and have asked for some clarification.

    A: When the 767 is connected to solar panels, it will automatically start recharging as long as there is sufficient sunlight. When there is a power outage and the 767 is drained in the end, when the power is back on, the 767 will not charge other devices automatically because the AC power button was turned off. You will have to press the AC power button to start powering other devices.

    another update 6 22 2023. Anker responded to my followup question of why Will had the problem mentioned in issue #1. Here is their response:
    The charging issue with the main unit was also resolved by a previous firmware update, so no worries here.

  9. have they corrected any of these issues? Was considering getting one. Also, I'm emailing Anker to ask if any of your concerns are being addressed but don't fully understand the scenario for the inverter not "waking itself up" with solar available. I guess I don't understand why it was sleeping to begin with. No load situation? You just want to see the display show charging if solar attached under no load conditions?

  10. So much potential but they've blown it with their wiring issue (reverse polarity in many units). I won't spend $2000 so I can go back and forth with Anker on the wiring. You're basically buying $2000 worth of stress and headaches. We can all get plenty of free stress and headaches just trying to make ends meet in 2023. Hard pass for me.

  11. I got my unit today and show fine on AC but on DC it is showing Hot / Neu reversed and the hot light is flickering. Anker will let me know what they want to do as I sent them a video today. More than likely a new unit, but they said the flickering definitely is not common.

  12. Well, you probably get a lot of questions but I was just curious if you’re going to recommend one portable battery powered generator which one would it be? I’m looking at roughly a 2000 to 2500

  13. Yep. The morning clicking is basically a charge transfer relay trying to "latch" and may not latch until a certain voltage is sensed from the solar panels, the solar being a secondary charge source to the AC. Also makes me wonder if they forgot to include a relay "debounce circuit" in the design?!🤔

  14. I came for 1 question, and it was answered. Thank you! Can it take solar and AC at the same time?. 🙁 it's so nice looking too but I need one that takes both.

  15. Purchased one of these 767s 2 weeks ago, and it refuses to get to 100% charge on AC power. I tried several discharges and resets.Plugged in for days… Nothing works, except if I charge on 12 volts car input ,(which I hadn't planned on using) then it will go quickly to 100% . Glad I didn't waste money on the add-on battery, which doesn't get charged until the main battery is charged…

  16. Taking the good and the bad . I have a question that might be strange . Would you consider using this on a larger boat ? Obviously protected etc . Thank you for any feedback .
    Reason I'm asking is would constant rocking of the vessel in some way affect performance of the station .

  17. If the power runs out I’ve found that you have to unplug the USB sockets to get them recognised when it turns back on.
    Also, it dies at 1% instead of 0%. Most frustrating.

  18. Just saw your review and I'm glad I did.I was just about to make the buy online for the Anker 767 with expansion battery and 5 of the solar panels. In Florida, we are heading into hurricane season and the ability to charge both units with solar panels is everything and not being able to have either or both units be charged by solar defeats the whole purpose. I know it's designed to use the panels to charge both units but if you're having that problem, I'm wondering if you've spoken to any other youtubers who have had the same solar panel charging problem. Thanks for saving me $6,000!

  19. I was going to buy this kit plus solar panels x 2, After watching your excellent review Will, and othe issues regarding live reversing wiring, I'm going to hold back from purchasing until these issues are sorted.

  20. I have 2 new LiFePO4 100Ah 1280 Wh batteries that I would like to add to this unit instead of the $1,000 add on unit. On cloudy days I could power the 767 via these batteries in series to supply 24VDC to solar Input. To recharge these batteries I could power a DC to DC 50 Amp Renogy Charger via the DC output. Is this crazy?

  21. Very new to solar and I have to commend your info delivery style. Easy to understand for this ol gal. Looking at emergency solutions and was leaning toward the eco line until your Anker explanations.

  22. thanks for the video. I am about to buy it because my friend works with anker, so I can get 25% off for employee discount ! Let me just wait for next model which they fix the problem. 😅

  23. Make sure to check the AC outlets for reversed polarity. Get an outlet tester and also plug in an air conditioner and see if you get watt surges and the compressor rattles. If so, then it's an issue with the Anker unit itself and needs to be returned.

  24. Thanks for all your details on this unit. Any chance you could do some experimentation with the DC input? I'm trying to figure out if there's any reasonable way to get > 400 watts into it off an alternator. One easy option for 300 watts would be to use an Orion DC-to-DC set at 30 volts to pull at 10 amps. What I'm wondering is if the "amp limits" that the 767 has on the DC input is based on it being a XT60i connector, so if you could use a higher amp Orion (say a 20 amp unit) to pull 600 watts at 30 volts using that connector. That would. make the 767 a pretty great no-solar van setup. The other alternative is to find a 12v to 36v or 48v DC converter but those are a lot pricier and harder to find.

  25. I've seen many reviewers say that the AC outlets on their units are wired in reverse (hot and neutral flipped) some even said that their testers only show them in reverse when charging the unit. Have you tested if your unit is wired properly?

  26. I purchased the 757 to keep in the back of my car to run my 12 volt refrigerator and any other accessories I may take camping with me. I have noticed the annoying clicking as well when the unit is trying to get solar from the Sun in the morning or when the sun is setting. I have tested it now for 3 days, everyday when the sun rises and the sun sets it actually switches off the power button to my 12 volt car socket and I lose power to my refrigerator. I contacted Anker and they basically said that sometimes it will switch off when the solar input is switching on slash off (the clicking). For me this is a totally unusable product because I need that 12 volt socket to remain on. Even with power saving mode shut off I'm still losing power. I'm really looking to replace it with another unit but I have yet to come up with a good replacement around the 1000 to 1500 battery range.

  27. I’m building an office shed powered by solar and from what Ive seen this is one of the quietest units at full load.

    What I wish they did was up the solar input specs so I can max out solar panels with big 350watt+ panels. To max this thing out would require 200 watt panels.

    Guess I’ll wait for the Delta Pro 2, Anker 777 or a quiet AIO unit.

    Anyone know if the fans kick on when it’s getting full power from solar? Or is it silent?

  28. Been hearing reports that all four NEMA 5-20R receptacles (the 4 AC plugs) on the front of the unit were mis-wired, and that hot and neutral are swapped. The "T" slot should be neutral, and the regular slot should be hot.

  29. Can you please elaborate on what scenario(s) are problematic given what you said about how the inverter won't wake itself up when solar becomes available? Does it mean that if the battery goes dead and later solar starts flowing into it, anything that's plugged in won't turn on until you manually push a button?

  30. Reading the Amazon reviews on this unit, there are multiple reviews that state that the polarity on the Anderson outlets is reversed. This usually isn't an issue with alternating current, but there could be some situations that could expose the user to the risk of electrocution. It's very odd that Anker would allow these units to ship with this major flaw. From the Amazon reviews:

    "This is NOT a floating neutral device and the hot and neutral are reversed. That's right, on the four NEMA 5-15 outlets, the wide slot is hot, and the narrow slot is neutral. Which is absolutely incorrect. This unit is technically isolated from ground (when not charging on 120V) so if the neutral were floating it wouldn't matter at all. But if you're hooking this up to a furnace or something else like with one of those EZ Generator single circuit transfer switch, this could be a BIG DEAL. "

    From another user:

    "As several prior reviewers have noted, they reversed the poliarty on the NEMA 5-20R outlets while the TT-30 is wired correctly. I have two units, both with the same issue, so it definitely seems like this is just a literal design flaw on Anker's part that affects every unit, which I can't believe they haven't rushed in a correction on their assembly line yet after a couple of months of reviewers noting the issue. If you look up the NEMA diagram on wikipedia, you'll find that when you're looking at the outlets with ground at the top, both the 5-20 and TT-30 should have live on the left and neutral on the right. Well, when it's plugged into the wall in pass though mode, the 5-20 has a reversed live and neutral."

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