Best DIY 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Box/Solar Generator


11 thoughts on “Best DIY 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Box/Solar Generator

  1. I could make the Wiring in the Lid a lot neater-so could you. That being said, I think you've done a FABULOUS job with this!!!!! I would DEFINITELY find some way to put an Inverter into the system.

  2. Hi! Can you power devices and charge from the solar panel at the same time with this setup? My panel generates bout 19v (open circuit) and I think 12-15v closed. Worried that I might fry the 12v usp ports without a controller. Thanks for making this video!

  3. I'm looking for something like this for some jungle I am homesteading … humid and has a rainy season. Curious what inverter you would install theoretically. Personally probably some kind of fridge, a table / mitre saw (15 Amp?) would be my largest loads… though a shop vac(7.8 amp) , small compressor (12 amp) and a pressure washer (13 Amp) not all simultaneously of course … no idea what start up draws would be…. is this even doable?

  4. This is 12V only? What power station are you comparing it to price-was that doesn't come with a built-in inverter, A/C charger and solar charge controller?

  5. What is the fan really cooling? If you had an AC inverter then it would make more sense. Also think about natural convection for cooling.

    Battery is also going to need some type of charge controller.

    Anyway, I want one!!!!

  6. How do you charge it? I saw you have a charging port, but it looked like it went straight to the battery. Do you have a solar charge controller or do you use a AC charger?

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