Best Home Solar Generator for 2023 (The Ultimate Guide)


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  1. * Bluetti AC500: (video breakdown:
    * Ecoflow Delta Pro: (video breakdown:
    * Renogy Lycan 5000: (video breakdown:
    * Zendure Superbase v6400: (Use coupon code "City Prepping" until June 21st for 10% off) … on Amazon:
    * Mango Power E: … use coupon code "CitypreppingMP"

  2. Aren't these all lithium or Lifpo4 battery units? Lead acid batteries should only be used to 50% of battery capacity. How or why are you coming up with these units only being usable for 50% capacity?? In particular, I beleive the Bluetti is rated to be used to 100% of capacity and recharged 3,500 times and still retain 80% of it's capacity …

  3. ? Electric Car Charging Option with Zendure: Is this a real option in terms of the time required?
    (in general electric car batteries with the exception of Tesla models) attempt to give the car owner a fully charged electric car battery
    from almost zero range to fully charged in 6 to 8 hours,

    Can Zendure do this ?

  4. Great video. Thank you. How are you protecting your solar panels. Per bluetti, as they have not tested them for EMP hardening, they are assuming that they would be damaged in an EMP event. I asked Bluetti if the panels were unattached, and sitting in a closet, would they be affected. They said yes. Just curious as most YouTubers talk about solar generators but almost no one talks about managing their panels. You are so knowledgeable about so many things that your thoughts on this issue matter to me. Thanks. Oh, BTW, I keep my large bluetti solar generator in a large faraday bag.

  5. Awesome video and information! Really well done. Did you think of comparing the LFP version of the Zendure? Price and capability-wise, it seems to stack up well against the Ecoflow.

  6. Hello, i was wondering if you could recommend something for my specific case.
    I have 8 aquariums each with a 300watt heater. 8 x 300w = 2400watts.
    I only need the UPS capability of these machines, no solar connection, only AC charging.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    I am in Australia and the only brands that you talk about that i can get are EcoFlow and Bluetti.

  7. So it seems like these so called generators can power a small heater for around 1000 dollars an hour, give or take .Hardly seems worth it.Way too expensive for the little power you get imo.

  8. Wow that’s a lot of power lol I’ve got a 2000 watts it does all I need at my cabin but I’d like to get one of those bigger ones for the home later on so thanks for that info on them it will surely help me 👍

  9. Two Delta Two's , fore solar lines in at four fifty watts switched manually . In other words , over panel manually if necessary on shady days . B careful

  10. New and late to the game. Does anyone have ant thoughts or experience with any of the 4patriots line of solar generators. Retired and not looking to have to sell a kidney to get started.😁 just looking to see how they stack up to the systems mentioned in the review. Thanks for any info or thoughts.

  11. I think I'm going to start buying the B300S batteries and I will get them for the AC300 and the AC500 since their work for both of them and I think I will need both of them as well.

  12. I'm not a DYI guy… just a schlub doing a solar panel installation on my garage roof by a local company. While going to solar panels to reduce my utility bills, I'm considering buying a solar Power Station. EcoFlow is my current favorite, but I'm confused if I need to stack two of them ONLY TO power a few home lights and maybe the fridge.

    The watts and kilowatts mean almost NOTHING to me, in addition to AC and DC outputs, efficiency, etc. I am REALLY DUMB ! Like a 6 year old dealing with things totally unknown to me…
    Your presentations are great for some guys, but all the data and numbers go right past me. Again, the EcoFlow seems best to me, but I don't want to buy 2 of them unless I absolutely have to… Am I hopeless ?

  13. I'm looking for something for a houseboat so i don't have to get propane. Something hot plate compatible.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All the numbers and tech info. just makes my brain hurt.
    Thanks for any thoughts you may have in advance.

  14. I believe in climate change, it’s been changing since the beginning of time. Blame humans if you want, which to some extent is true. Either way, we do not have the ability to control and/or change our eventual outcome. My faith is in the Lord so I’m good with whatever happens in the future. God is great!!

  15. Question? i will be moving into my Van full time and was wondering if you can recommend a system, i am thinking that the large the system the better but maybe not, I do like the Zendure but it is a lot of money. Thank you, very informative video

  16. I noticed you don’t seem to include Goal Zero in any of your solar generator comparisons. I think they are over priced and there are better options, but I was curious why you don’t add them to the list recently

  17. 30amp max at 240v output isn’t going to power a lot. That’s clothes a dryer lol.. the wattage is decent but the amps for the blue yeti the issue.. 10k watts will run most people’s entire homes to include ac.. but anything bigger then a dryer is going to require a lot more then 30amp to start up and fire the caps..

    For anything like this for normal everyday use you really need 100amp output.. even at 50amp like most portable gas gens you can run everything normal.. no ac.. or ac only and nothing else..

    You can power sockets and say cook use electric oven and use electric water heater. Anything more then that and you’re turning stuff off..

    I can’t even imagine spending this kind of money for a 30amp output..

    You wouldn’t even be able to run normal TVs, fans charge devices and use a microwave to cook something on just 30amps.. this is a huge design flaw in all of these units.. idk why they would limit them selves to that? It’s not useful for what these are marketed for

    Omg these get worse.. no 240v? That limits what you can use it for and how you wire it into your home drastically..

    This entire thing concept in all honesty I’s completely worthless and total gimmick.. at these outputs you may as well go with a portable unit cause in reality that about all you’re going to realistically be able to run off these larger units.. the only difference is you can hook in larger charging systems which doesn’t even matter at this point.. watts mean nothing wo having the amps to use them.. you’ll get longer use but just as limited in draw as the smaller mobile units.. for the cost you could easily make up for all this with a battery bank and still save money..

    I mean in a way if you wanted to add a larger enough bank a transformer and all that you could run off the transformer and get the full watts with higher amps but by the time you do that you may as well just do an entire whole home system cause the cost is going to be up there by the time you get all the proper equipment to essentially home build a home system

    You can’t push these to the limit cause they don’t have enough current to carry the amps.. cutting in half lol.. a 10k watt unit off 30amps at 240v is going to be running at 100% to provide 4500 watts that’s the issue with this

    Better to install a large propane tank.. use a gas generator and install it in a sound baffled housing.. to run my home after hurricanes and loss of power I costs me around 15g per 24h to run my entire home like we never lost power.. 3100sq 4 bedroom block single story..

    If you want use something like this as a substitute system and have the propane unit kick in as needed automatically..

    Idk where you live but I am in a suburb and I can drop a 500gal tank in my back yard wo issue.. I use dual fuel unit cause while there is gas I want to run off gas cause it’s about 25% more power..

    I mean that gets you over a month of continuous use.. in any tea situation you’ll not want more then a very small unit to charge batteries and run some fans.. cause you being the only house with lights after a few weeks is going to draw a lot of attention..

    This doesn’t change being out in the middle of no where either.. light reflection off the atmosphere can be seen for 10’s of miles on a dark night when no one else has power.. may as well be shooting flares in the air.. few hundred gallons fuel will go a long way and anything extreme enough to last longer then that you’ll not want to even be using any powering system anyways unless you in a bunker 100ft underground

    Get your food and water Oreos right.. have small options to charge batteries and and such.. 1500watts really is all you keep for this.. an Amazon charging panel that hooks via usb to a regular car jump box device does the trick just fine.. eventually you’ll have to be mobile and this you can take with you

  18. I finally understand that his information is for a total grid collapse and the whole house needed to be suported. Duh. I was thinking of just a short period loss of power when I first stated shopping. I have a lot of thinking to do. I plan on downsizing and getting a new home and this would be a better answer than putting in old fashion ac units as I have 3 on my large home in GA.

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