BEST Micro Solar Generator For The BUCK? BALDR 330 Watt 297Wh Portable Power Station Review


47 thoughts on “BEST Micro Solar Generator For The BUCK? BALDR 330 Watt 297Wh Portable Power Station Review

  1. I bought one of these on Amazon a couple years ago but it's branded zoombros but it's exactly the same. Picked it up for $90. Have used the warrenty to replace it twice 1st only charged to 90% 2nd one only charged to 94% and latest 6 months befor it burned up. Current one actually charged to 100% and has lasted allmost 1.5 years.
    It will run a 200w heater it runs a 260w dremel powers my laptop with a 125w power supply. It can easily power a 100w portable oven and a immersion heater i made out of a glowplug that runs about 100w. Overall it's a pretty good unit but obviously you have at best a 1 in 3 chance at getting a good unit. I got to. Keep the 2nd unit so i tore it apart and it has generic 2600mah 18650 li-ion batteries in a 4s7p configuration which would put it at 269wh just like he says so 269 296 same thing in Chinese I think…

  2. I don't know much about power stations. For the most part my son will use it to.charge up his phone, run some LED lights in the winter and in a pinch use it to recharge his ice fish locator battery, Would a 330 watt station be sufficient?

  3. Hrllo Dr. Hotech. i bought this same exact power source right in the middle of pademic. i bought on Amazon.I did not signup for warranty(like everything I buy my bad). Being new to this whole litium battery adventure. While was waiting for my house to buildt in Las Vegas. I decided to live at the beach for 6 months on the SF pinnesula.(1 of the best things I ever did for myself!). So this battery worked great for the whole 6 months. no izsues. When I finally got to Vegas. I tried to power it up and it started making a buzzing noise. nothing was working. 🤪😓. I still try and ug-in from time to time thinking it might fix itself. no luck. it still buzzes when i ug in tp wall outlite. Advznce plezse? thanks for yr time and sorry for lenthy message.(its my add a whole different story!) lol

  4. My plan is use my Prius as a generator. I need the power station (PS) for when I got to the gym. Something PS will keep power constant so I can lock my door. My car has no way to lock if I leave it running. So it's cheaper for me to get PS than to pay Toyota to repair my lock so the key will lock the car.

  5. I just got the baldr 330 and i wanted to know what the dc cig lighter adapter is called and where can i get the adapter i wanna run my inverter and be able to charge it at the same.time if you can help with the adapter i need to get

  6. Professor Hobo they must have watched your video because they now offer an upgraded version which basically addresses everything you mentioned. Maybe do a follow up video.

  7. I don't understand, as long as you stay within the power limit, it shouldn't mater what you are running. I feel like these things should trip and shutdown instead of burning up. Anyways, loving the channel!

  8. Looking for one that can charge via solar. run the ac inverter while charging, and handle at least 1500w for a inductive load for a portable hotplate. Looks like the Jackery 1500W is about the only one.. pretty pricy though.

  9. can i plug in a power strip – i have a 2 prong projector and a 3 prong speaker i want to use at the same time by adding more ports —- not sure if there’s anything dangerous about doing this

  10. This is the second video I've watched and they still don't know how to plug in the solar panels you've explained everything but how to plug in the solar panels I'm a rookie…..I you just throw up the chords of what to charge it up with and that's it just throw him in the air then have us guess….. well excuse me I didn't wait for the end of the video thank you sir it was taking so long to charge in the sun I thought I had a plugged in the wrong port but you also told us it takes all day in the sun 2 days

  11. I just purchased this product…for those starting to look for a good basic mini generator…its the baldr 330.
    This generator has two lights one on the handle and one on the side. A very rugged build…and well worth the money..

  12. I purchased an air mattress with a built in pump but need to plug it in to an outlet would this work to fill up an air mattress or would the pump kill it takes 4min for the air mattress to fill

  13. Can't run inductive loads = deal killer. No type A USB? And pass-thru charging won't allow Type A USB AC adapter use? Deal breaker. Short charging cables also a bummer.

  14. I'm sorry, but the fact that the inverter CROAKS rather than gracefully shutting down is an absolute deal-breaker. Thanks for warning me off; I had considered this one due to price, but if a mere accident might kill it, no thanks.

  15. I bought one of these a little while back. I got it out to prepair to go camping and when I tried to charge it up it only beeps. I left it charging for an hour never stopped beeping. Nothing showing up on the LCD screen. I did tried to contact Togopower/support haven't heard back. Do you know what might be wrong and can it be fixed ?

  16. I just discovered your channel and enjoying the reviews. My favorite line so far – "it doesn't smell great, but it's not on fire". LOL. Great job and I'm learning a lot.

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