Best Selling DIY Solar Generator


This is one of my best selling generators. It will be great when we start experiencing rolling blackouts across the country. This will …

Date: August 24, 2023

25 thoughts on “Best Selling DIY Solar Generator

  1. This is a nice build for sure, funny enough I bought the same case from harbor freight and is trying to do this now for a while using a lifepo batterie, but I need help with wiring and fuses as it's new to me. Any help would be appreciated sir. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and build on here, love the video sir.

  2. love how you build it cool i build one water proof tool box with 110V water proof out let have 2 20A Breaker switch for out let 150fused that my inverter come with with 20A Breaker switch for my inverter etc have cool fan water proof so even if it raning no rain can't get in my tool box where i have fan and have 12 volt light on it etc

  3. Sweet!!!!! I built myself one several years ago. It is 850wh, 70ah and I bought a 100w solar panel for it. I used SLA batteries. It is on the heavy side. Next one I build will definitely be lithium. I had a blast building mine and learned a lot. Yours is beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this!!!!!

  4. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. The only thing I might consider doing differently is relocating the main disconenct. It can get bumped into on the side of case and get damaged. Also the top mounted duplex AC outlets can have a cover or child proof protection, to prevent stuff from falling into the outlet connectors. Great build!!

  5. Excellent video, very informative. I have built a solar generator with 3-125 ah agm batteries, I'm looking to replace them with LifePo4 batteries, what would you charge to build a 400 ah, 12v battery pack? Thanks in advance, Clint

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