Best Solar Generator for 2022 (The Ultimate Guide)


With so many options for a solar generator, which is the best for you? By the end of the video, you’ll have a clear picture of which …

Date: August 24, 2023

38 thoughts on “Best Solar Generator for 2022 (The Ultimate Guide)

  1. Our new 2023 Solar Generator comparison video is out:

    Winner of the contest – … Download the Solar Generator Guide here:

    * Bluetti AC200Max: / extra batteries + solar panels:
    * Ecoflow Delta Mini: / with solar panels:
    * Ecoflow Delta: / with solar panels:
    * Ecoflow Delta Max: / with solar panels:
    * Ecoflow Delta Pro: / with solar panels:
    * Jackery 1000: / with solar panels:
    * Jackery 1500: / with solar panels:
    * Jackery 2000: / with solar panels:
    * Inergy Flex:
    * GoalZero 1500x: / with solar panels:
    * Pecron E3000: / with solar panels:
    * Solar blankets: – use coupon code "cityprepping" for 10% off your order.

  2. You gave the facts and only the facts. Everyone appreciates this approach. I love many of the advertisements that give you everything but the facts as that tells me quickly to stay away. For this you get me as a subscriber as I feel your site is trustworthy and worthwhile.

  3. Thanks for this excellent video. Have you come across the AFERIY brand? They seem to have some good spec products at reasonable prices. Thanks

  4. The most complete and thorough eval I have seem on the Web. Congrats for a job very well done. Being a newbe on solar power, this was a giant leap! My plans for retirement evolve around rv boon docking with as much autonomy as possible! In terms of energy, this means solar power generation and storage. I also need a back-up plan to charge the batteries when necessary so I figured a 3500 W 😮LP generator would be sufficient.

    Then I ended up on EcoFlow solutions and discovered the solar generator concept which is a bit confusing to me. My understanding is that EcoFlow solar power products are : panels and systems (controller, inverter, etc.), battery systems, dual fuel generator… and solar generator. And this is where I get confused : Ecoflow 3600W solar generator is, from what I understand, an AC/solar 3600 W battery.

    So if I get it right, I can opt for a LP 3500W or a AC/DC/solar EcoFlow Delta battery/charger system. If so, I fail to see the advantages of an EcoFlow solution when I could go for a solar panel system, battery bank and LP back-up generator.

    Is my logic sound or am I missing something??

  5. Will generators work if there is a EMP. I'm a true novice. Bought a ONEUP ECHOflow 1000 wh? Power station…….one part of book shows it will power a full size refrigerator ver next pg says just a mini fridge?

  6. Thank you for such an informative comparison on these units. Is there any chance you'd sell one of them? We could sure use it but the cost of the 200max is out of my league. Thank you…

  7. I'm so thankful for all the hard work you put into your channel and videos. Being a media/video producer myself I understand every challenge that one can face to pull all this video and info together in a quality way. So appreciate that you are dedicating your creative energies and passions to help all of us who may not understand how best to prepare for various challenges we may face. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


    I ordered x2 Ecoflow Delta 2 that cost around @2,600 dollars. . I had called customer service to cancel them right away and I was assured that they won't be charging me for shipping because I won't get the products anyway.

    After 2 weeks. They charged me shipping cost on the first order plus penalty of more than 4%. They stated that penalty is 2.6%. I felt those penalties were too much for items I have not even touched. They refused to refund me on the second order citing system error on their part.

    Ecoflow are thieves who robbed their customers. Please don't purchase any Ecoflow products. Very bad customer service. They are plunderers who must be jailed and not allowed to do business in America.

  9. Love the channel and the info I used it to purchase my small eco flow, I was wondering do you ever sell off any of your extra power station, again thank you for all the helpful information

  10. Nice review. Thank you. Regarding the Bluetti AC200MAX: Very nice unit that works perfectly in my Sprinter RV except you cannot run an Espar Diesel heater on the 30A DC outlet. It just doesn’t work!! Is it voltage fluctuations / voltage drop or DC supply that takes a fraction of a second to ramp up with demand …and trigger Espar CanBus??? All wires were very short and oversized…still not working! Had to return this unit for this reason!

  11. You mentioned battery expansion and x-factors for all but the Inergy Flex. It can add up to 96 batteries and the mppt controller module you glossed over lets you add a lot more solar and cut charge time in half. Extremely biased. Won’t watch any more of your videos.
    If you want to claim that you are going by the data, don’t be DISHONEST!!!!

  12. My personal recommendation and btw love your show but I’d never buy a Bluetti the company does not stand behind its products,maybe for a well known YouTuber sure but a ordinary customer never.
    I owned a 3 year old AC200P with at most 30 cycles and suddenly it stopped charging and bluetti’s advice oh well just buy another unit,wow
    People don’t buy bluetti

  13. Greetings great content I am new subscriber , whats your take on energizer products particularly PPS2000, I have AC200P that was a dud right out the box having tough time getting resolve ,customer service is horrible, so I lost interest in dealing with a company not standing behind product

  14. Thank you for the spreadsheet!!! So many YouTube videos on product reviews but nobody puts out a spreadsheet with all the info consolidated right there for us to see so that we can make the best decision on which one to purchase. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

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