Best Solar Generators 2023 [don’t buy one before watching this]


30 thoughts on “Best Solar Generators 2023 [don’t buy one before watching this]

  1. God damn. Every fucking unit is for a cell phone and coffee. Where’s the strong ones for when the power grid fails? I won’t give a fuck about coffee then. Just ac and heat

  2. Honestly, the review is kinda all over the place. We're looking at various watts and different watt hours, some with solar panels and some don't. It would be great if we can compare the best in different watts and watt hour instead of just having five from all different categories.

  3. Not looking to buy a portable solar generator… looking for the largest Power Station models to power minimal lights in my house when our electricity goes down. What are your opinions of EcoFlow systems ?

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  5. My 22 centry question,why dont create or build a batteries like the boss s1 pro,pull out and push in,so if the battery gone bad,easy to slide a battery pack back in,instead of open the whole power pk,hmmmm

  6. Second only to the unscientific, atheistic, and illogical theory of evolution, global warming/climate change is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon humanity by Earth-worshipping zealots who are stealing $trillions of your tax dollars to fund their false religion and lies.

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