Best solar power generator 2023 – Should this be legal?


33 thoughts on “Best solar power generator 2023 – Should this be legal?

  1. The absolute best thing to do with solar or wind energy is to turn it into hydrogen gas threw electrolysis and use that gas to run a hydrogen generator ICE anything else is a waste

  2. I have been watching over 100 hours of videos on solar generators and batteries. I live in Florida and we are expecting a lot of storms this year and I am getting ready. Thank you so much for creating this video. P.S. You are such a cutie. Good Luck in all that you do. Have a super day.🙂

  3. Great video, I plan on upgrading my old system like you did. This may be a good option. Use it like a back up generator and tie it into the main panel of the house. Only it would be on all the time not just when power is lost.

  4. Great Video – I want to start small, like with a 180w single panel and power station. Just enough to power fan for chickens and outdoor night lighting. Which power station do you suggest, how powerful, etc. I do plan to slowly add every couple of months. Any help is appreciated

  5. would this be ideal for a single person in an 840 sq foot trailer the breaker box is 200 amps. I know nothing about this but i lost my place in IDA and I know what its like to go 18 days without power. my neighbor has a generator that runs on natural gas. I usually run an extension cord from there…but I would like to have my own set up. just enough to power a room with a window unit and heating pads computer and a lamp and a microwave…in the event of power outages like we had in 21….where do I start? Thank yall.

  6. Thank you so much for this detailed explanation. I’ve been struggling trying to piecemeal a system together ,not getting anywhere with it and am in dire need of electricity now. This looks like a fantastic setup.

  7. I think they're fantastic if you have the cash. But this is a lot more expensive than the portable setup I've built with more power in both Ah and Watts. It's technically up to code here too. And that thing turns heads wherever I go on top of being able to monitor everything on my phone, such as other goodies. Also safe to operate in cold climates. I like it better than the premade power station I got by a long shot. There are a lot of factors to consider. But it's absolutely a lifesaver if you don't have the time, or are not confident enough to learn every nook and cranny of building a proper power system. Which, let's face it, can be extremely dangerous. I've seen many people play with fire without having any idea of how it works which is absurd. That can cost you a lotttt more… These are wicked for the right people though.

  8. I would be concerned about keeping the unit in such a dusty environment. Is that ice I see on the top? And I’m still waiting on my solar connector. Was a member of the kickstarter campaign and I have my unit but not all accessories. How is it holding up at this point?

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