BEST Under $300 Portable Power Station – EcoFlow vs Jackery vs Bluetti


The Bluetti EB3A, EcoFlow River 2, and Jackery Explorer are three of the top sellers so far this year. I compared the three portable …

Date: August 24, 2023

26 thoughts on “BEST Under $300 Portable Power Station – EcoFlow vs Jackery vs Bluetti

  1. I use Jackery almost exclusively because I have zero need to run a hotplate or electric teapot but I CAN operate my 12V TV, lights or 12V cooler for FAR longer than those more expensive batteries.

    I don’t need something to operate a chop saw or microwave when I’m CAMPING.

    I also have more than one battery so who cares how long it might take to charge a battery if you can rotate it with a fresh battery? Not to mention the freedom of redundancy.

  2. Seeing the negative comments about Jackery and personally I have a 290 from Harbor Freight that I have been using everyday for the last 3 months. Very, very happy with it. I cook using it and a Dash Mini rice cooker and then run a USB fan all night without out any recharging. Still have 30-50% state of charge in the morning. Once I accidentally ran it flat, 0% state of charge. Thought I might have hurt it, but no, charged back to 100% and that was months ago before I started using it everyday. Yes, 18650 LI cells in it but I trust them. My DeWalt cordless tools use them too. The 290 has excellent features for the price in my opinion and I would definitely buy it again. Pure Sine Wave inverter that will operate high tech battery chargers, built in solar charge controller and pass through capability. Plugged into a 12 volt outlet in a running vehicle it charges at 45 watts. Not running, 36-39 watts. Comes with that charging cord and a charging "brick" for 110 volts. I do have solar panels and an adapter cord for the Jackery 8mm input port but haven't used solar to charge it because it's quite convenient to charge it with my vehicle. Not finding the charging time to be a problem at all. I do recall that the manual states it won't charge at a rate much faster than what I'm doing no matter how many watts you try to feed it so a 100 watt panel would usually be putting out more than it will accept. Wouldn't hurt the Jackery, it just won't use all that you're giving it. I have a nice little flexible 50 watt panel that I picked up for the unit. That would be a good match.

  3. I checked these and others and for me the Bluetti 268 wh was the best choice. Paid 250 USD. I live in the San Jose Mendoro Philippines area and we have alot of brownouts lasting up to a half day. I needed it to keep my wifi, computer, office lights and other devices up and running without interuption. I run my equiptment on UPS 233 VAC. It recharges quickly on AC and It works flawlessly. The display is excellent. It has an attractive design. I don't use it to run a fan but I do have a large rechargable fan.

  4. I would love to see a comparison of every comparable model power station available ( there are more than a dozen ) and with their more robust versions with and without solar panels. A real "battery" (pun intended) of tests. Just a thought. Thank you !

  5. Awhile back I bought the bluetti with a 68 watt portable solar panel for 299… haven’t used it much but worked out good when the power went out for a bit…I have a gas generator for large items in power outages

  6. Your test was very subjective. Anyone with real world experience knows the EcoFlow is a superior product and the company is the leader in the field with consistent innovations that the other brands are trying to keep up with.

  7. After recent derecho was thinking about standby so I could use bipap in outage, doesn't sound like anything cheap could handle bipap and the technical stuff is confounding.

  8. Good point about the battery chemistry. I know someone who uses a Vap Pen and it exploded 2 days ago causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his leg, the Vap Pen was in a pocket in his pants

  9. So I am wondering which of the 2, Bluetti/Ecoflow would work best to run a dual zone fridge/freezer for camping in back of the SUV? The fridge I am looking at is a Setpower PT35 and uses min 38watt and max 50watt. Need something that will keep fridge running overnight while camping. Suggestion as to which would be better? New to all this portable stuff. Much appreciated

  10. For Dometic CFX3 35 portable fridge freezer, which Brand portable power station will be the best for 2 day's continue operation?

    Can anyone tell me about it?

    I prefer lifepo4 power station but which company lifepo4 power station is the best? Im little bit confused

    I have heard Renogy Phoenix 1000 is lifepo4 battery made with 3000 cycle lifespan.

    But I want to know more.

  11. Not sure if comparing jackery's first battery from around 2016 with two that came out in the past couple years is fair? Would have suggested using the jackery 300 model as a closer comparison in features and capacity. Still good info to have and appreciate it!

  12. Can we get a comparison of 3 that are more beefy? If it's only run a fan for a few hours and won't even boil some water, it's not very useful. If there's a power outage in the summer, you at least need it to keep a fan on and charge your phone. I was really surprised at how short a time it ran the fan.

    Ultimately, I'd like one that can run the fridge, charge a couple phones and a kindle and a fan or two and keep the fans and fridge going all night and charge via solar the next day. Does that exist?

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