BIG POWER! 5100Wh Bluetti EP500 Battery Generator TEST & Review


The BIGGEST BATTERY SOLAR GENERATOR available today. Just announced the Bluetti EP500 is huge in every way! I review …

Date: August 24, 2023

36 thoughts on “BIG POWER! 5100Wh Bluetti EP500 Battery Generator TEST & Review

  1. Hi sir , I want to ask you if you could help me to buy the correct power station for a pizzaoven. I don't own the oven yet . Maybe you could look at the specs of the oven to tell me how powerful the power station should be. This is the brand and type ; Effeuno p134 Ha 509.
    I would be so grateful. Thanks in advance and greetings from Belgium

  2. I'll have to stick with my larger Gas Generator. No way this thing can power my house after a hurricane and the cost at about $5000.00 US is just not even competitive. Maybe one day we'll get there but for now a 9500 Watt $2500.00 Gas Generator is just way more economical. The solar panels would not even begin to keep up with the draw on the batteries. This may make a good camping generator if you can move it around where needed. Maybe you pitch a tent near the sidewalk and roll it out there. 😊

  3. Does it handle all in all? – 2 freeze , 1 tv, 3 computer,2 laptop, electric stove,oven,microwave, water heater, blender, electrical hardware, electrical kettle, 1 electrical sofa, 1 electrical, massage chair, 1 electrical bed,1 electrical bath, 1 rice cooker, 1 instant pot ?

    For eg. Which are durable, cheap, best brands and how many batteries with solars? How much volts or Watts? What are required?

  4. More rugged like out in the boonies, with a leather strap to pull up and over small rocks. Weatherproofin it would be amazing! Something for the countryman

  5. So.. you need to charge it via solar panels.. how long are the cables from the unit to the solar panels? I'd hate to have to sit this outside while the panels are charging it.

  6. AVOID BLUETTI. My personal experience as a Bluetti Customer. Do not trust all those paid videos. Products are of poor quality, and even there is no warranty. They ask you to ship it to them and give you the wrong address. People speak about batteries lasting for years, but the unit itself works for just a few weeks, and then you through it, leaving the world with a lot of pollution.

  7. So you can run a small electric heater for 2 hours before the battery is dead small heaters are 1500wh this is 5100wh storage right… I'll get a wood stove and a couple candles

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