BIGBLUE CellPowa 2500w LiFePO4 UPS Solar Generator Power Station Review


32 thoughts on “BIGBLUE CellPowa 2500w LiFePO4 UPS Solar Generator Power Station Review

  1. Damn … I lost the bet with myself. I thought the Guitar Amp test would reveal this to be a "Noisa" unit. Surprised – with all the other little odd features and quirks this unit has. Especially with the price that low.
    Keep up the great (same style) videos!! I love the Police !!

  2. I love the videos you do, been watching your channel a lot recently since discovering you and I’ve also purchase one of the vigorpool units last week because of your channel. One thing to note when you said that most of us won’t exceed 2200 watts on a single socket, 3KW kettles are very common in the UK so I appreciate your over demand testing.

  3. I noticed blue Eddie we want to get a good generator like the blue Eddie 300 have been a higher class in film almost rich to buy one and I want two of them with all eight batteries and 12 solar panels I actually 24 solar panels all that 200 w but they only sell 12 that way but it's going to take me what 10 years to come up the money to buy it.

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