Has a Few Neighbors, That Have Social Lives and Cant Remember Them

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You use to be my neighbor on Garden Homes ave, how are you, and your Daughters doing?. Robin.
South Pasadena-SW
Hi, what house did you live at? I’m sorry I don’t remember you from your photo.
I use to live with Anthony for a while. Do you remember that “PARTY” we had” oh boy…its was funny you couldn’t find your bra. I recorded on my cellphone. I cant upload it to YouTube because of the NUDITY…But nice to know that you are on here, Do you know if your cousin Erica is on here? She wrote a Book of poems a while back called “Poetic Junkyard” I have not seen her in years. The last time i seen you, you were at El Taquito.
South Pasadena-SW
Interesting. Obviously it was not memorable if I can’t remember you at all. Why don’t you post a real photo of your face? Oh.. maybe you’re just a little bitch that likes to talk shit. I do not give a fuck what you say you have so keep it moving looser you must not have a life so you feel the need to reach out on this site. Grow up

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