Bluetti AC180 1800w LiFePO4 UPS Power Station Solar Generator Review


31 thoughts on “Bluetti AC180 1800w LiFePO4 UPS Power Station Solar Generator Review

  1. GET THE AC180: use code HOBOAC180

    EXTERNAL BATTERY SUPPORT: Bluetti is "claiming" the AC180 "supports" the external B80 battery. First, you can hook virtually any battery into virtually any power station already. The difference is that the external battery can't be charged from the power station unless the power station has a direct battery port. AC180 has no direct battery port therefore you can drain a battery into it (B80 or whatever you want) but you can't use the AC180 to recharge said battery. In other words, it doesn't actually "support" (charging or monitoring the charge level of) an external battery.

  2. Tried the AC180. Huge disappointment. After 3 weeks it just stopped charging off of solar. Solar feed still works fine on. my Jackery's. Bluetti can see the power coming in, but for some reason no longer charges battery.

  3. Have some questions. Hope you can answer. For this set up to stay cool with the Lil cube artic air AC with small portable fan to circulate the air will this work for period of time. Be in back of my truck a small area.

  4. Great video. Waiting for delivery of mine. I'm planning to use the DC outlet to power my 12 volt ham radio, hopefully without causing a buzzing noise. I figure I'd lose a lot of power using the AC outlet to change DC to AC and then back to DC for my radio. Looks like using the AC inverter can cause buzzing from my radio speaker also.

  5. Does anyone know of an inverter that will charge this, I have currently went through 4 different " pure sine wave " ones with no luck at all. Yes I have solar, but would like to have another option to fast charge it.

  6. My ac180s capacity only got 84 percent. Im sure bluetti like most over companies cherry pick the best performers to send out to reviewers.

  7. Since there is no 30 amp rv plug, can I simply use the 20 amp adapter plug in the AC180 just like I use at home to power my rv? If I don't run ac or microwave or ant big draw, I should be good – right?

  8. I want to completely off electric grid. All I need to run on electric is refrigerator 4 years old. A deep freeze and in hot weather a 110 v ac and 20 inch fan. All else can be shut off. I can put those utilities I named on timers 6 hours off and 2 hours on. I have a woodburner for heat I use spring water dont use water heater. As for lights I use the dollar tree outdoor lights and flashlight. Now could a 2000 or 1800 bluetti run these things as I've stated and what would it cost me for the bluetti.

  9. Just an FYI, as of July 30th 2023 I couldn't get either of your discount codes to work (for this Bluetti OR the EcoFlow Delta 2). But, I only wanted to check what the discount would bring the prices down to. I got the Delta 2 recently for $700 on sale ($754 after tax) and currently this Bluetti is at $900 (plus $80 tax so $980), and the differences are not worth it to me. The Bluetti is 10lbs heavier, has ~100wh more battery for that weight but also lacks 2 AC outlets (4 vs Delta's 6). I think I got a pretty good deal 🙂

  10. I received my ac180 2weeks ago and it is everything that is advertised. 2 days after getting it the power went out so went and got one of my neighbors who is on a cpap machine and he plugged it in along with my fan (over 100 degrees that day) and he left when the power came back on with good o2 levels. Literally a life savor. now all I have to do is save up for 18 months so I can get two 200 watt portable panels.

  11. I went ahead and bought one of these. I need to get some panels for it. Which is better, one BIG (400W) panel, or 2 smaller (200W) panels in series? The panels will not need to be portable. It's for a permanent location. What happens when you run MORE than the rated 500W solar input? Will it just cap the input at 500W, and allow 500W, without harming the unit? I'm trying to come up with THE most efficient input possible. I live in coastal Oregon where the sun can be VERY undependable. I was thinking that maybe if I have 600W worth of panels that I could still pull a meager hundred watts when it's overcast. Under these conditions, what would you do for the best efficiency? One panel, two panels, three panels? Sorry for all the questions. I just don't understand this stuff well.

  12. Hobotech or others – Think guitar Amp head versus speaker cab. Does anyone sell a "head" of one of these units without the battery so you can clip-on a good quality 100 or 200Ah 12V LFP battery to it rather than have embedded batteries within the unit? That way you can choose to have any size battery and the same size control system attached to it.

  13. Is it normal that my ac180 has a clicking relay when it’s connected to the solar at sunset/sunrise? AC/DC is off. Apparently, it's not enough sun to charge it and it makes clicking noises every few minutes.

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