Bluetti AC180 portable power review for 4X4, camping and off-grid work | Auto Expert John Cadogan



Date: August 25, 2023

34 thoughts on “Bluetti AC180 portable power review for 4X4, camping and off-grid work | Auto Expert John Cadogan

  1. Hi, I purchased a AC180 and I love it. I do note the op manual has a sticker on one page stating that the unit must be grounded via the ground terminal. I can't seem to find anything on line on this and it seems like an after-thought (sticker) for Oz use?

  2. Hi John, I commented back when this video was new, but I think it was removed for review due to an imbedded link to RVDSAFE, so please forgive the double comment if it eventually shows up again.

    My comment was about using an earth stake and safety switch. This is not a recommended practice and I believe it is forbidden under the regs. Residual Current Devices are not compatible with isolated power supplies such as generators and inverters (due to the earthing requirements) so a Residual Voltage Device is required to work alongside the Residual Current Device.

    This secondary device monitors voltage and trips the RCD when a dangerous fault occurs. These are an Aussie invention and now available as a combined safety switch.

    From my understanding, they may soon be a requirement under the new transportable power standards for vans and the like.

    I think this is an important topic for your followers, as many people simply don’t realise that transportable power can kill you just as quick as an angry toaster in the bath tub can.

  3. Just got the AC180, and so far from my use it has thoroughly pleased me! 12v works perfectly for my fridge. Have used it for a toaster, laptop charger, and kettle (1800W, in power lifting mode). Solid unit, any questions flick them through

  4. Thanks John, used your code. But I am disappointed in the fact that there is only 1 x 12v outlet. I plan on making a mini block converting the one 12v to 2 x 12v and 2 x anderson plugs (for fridge). Also disappointed in the slow DC charge rates (compared to your traditional 40-50amp DCDC charger), I will just 'top it up' using AC when at home or solar in the bush. I really like the unit in terms of value for money considering it's got almost 100AH lithium, battery monitor/screen, Bluetooth app, DCDC/MMPT, 1800W inverter, dc/usb points… and it's fully portable. There don't appear to be any 'off the shelf' portable power stations that accommodate for a faster means of DC charging so this will have to do.

  5. One thing I think is strange ( I bought the AC180) , is that they have kind of priced themselves out of the AC200P. You only get 200W more for an overly uncomfortable weight and size. It's a much higher capacity, but it's not worth $800-$1000 more, you might as well just buy two of the 180's. The 200P does have a better surge, so I think the only reason to buy the 200P is possibly home back up only ( at which point you might as well buy a 2000KW Honda…?).

    Seems like they made a model that's well made at a good price point , which is good for us!

  6. I read that previous Bluetti devices were plagued with a sizeable overhead power consumption (ie, if you turned it on and don’t plug anything in, it drains the battery considerably). Any idea if this issue remains with the AC180?

  7. One of the issues with almost all the power stations on the market is there is no fast 12V charging. The cigarette lighter socket can charge at max ~100W, which is useless. I got the AC200Max, and I have to get a DC converter to step up the voltage to 36V to charge it fast from my car.

  8. G'day John. Any chance you could fire up your Bluetti AC180 and plug in the fat cave microwave for 10 mins?? I'm keen to buy 3 for our work vehicles but am holding off if they are going to be underpowered. Thanks, Mark.

  9. Good point about using the rear footwell in a utility. Is it durable enough to secure in the tub with a hard lid to run a portable fridge/freezer whilst driving? I know you have a Triton – and would be interested to see it tested in this manner. Thank you.

  10. Your review was great. After months of reading – I thought the Bluetti AC180 seemed the best option for me site unseen. I ordered and paid the fee…
    I think your judgment vindicates my thoughts. I await my shipment so I may bugger off bush … your opinions are valued,
    Thank you, John.

  11. Thanks for your work on this John…for what it's worth, I bought a BLUETTI EB70 recently (after watching BLUETTI reviews by you and others) and it is FANTASTIC! Copes easily with the camping requirements, great on the farm with power tools and, as you point out, the silent overnight genset. I've asked on a number of platforms how a vehicle mounted a dual battery system is better than a BLUETTI and haven't received a straight / convincing answer yet.

  12. I have to argue your claim a politician could operate it… C. Bowen comes to mind With the addition of an extra battery pack looks rooly rooly good. Sold….

  13. Thank you for the honest review but the fact that this device is brand new but has No capability to expand with add on batteries is a huge disappointment. I would consider it a deal breaker to be honest.

  14. Having bought an older model Bluetti some 18 months ago on the recommendation of AE I can attest they they really are a worthwhile addition to the tool bag.

  15. Thanks John ! This is the solution I was looking for to power my campsite over extra days. I have a two battery system but often wish to stay put, (drinking cold beer and red), for extra days. With the addition of a solar blanket the possibilities are endless. You are a funny guy – well done with the two week deal and John discount !

  16. The biggest limitation I experience with my Bluetti AC500 B300s is that I use 12v dc all the time and there isn’t enough ports for that. I really would like two or three cig ports so I don’t need to disconnect fridge when using cpap at night, or in winter a 12v connection to a diesel heater.

  17. "WAW" you can run "mull grinder" of it when you out at dingo piss creek
    chuck the microwave oven it and you make "munchies" after a compression session in the forest…

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