Bluetti AC180 Solar Generator – Practical tests and real world use


11 thoughts on “Bluetti AC180 Solar Generator – Practical tests and real world use

  1. So with the Capacity test how long would a Desktop gaming PC but (with no gaming just browsing) last roughly with a 34 inch monitor and a modem router? Let's say total draw 200 watts.

  2. two years ago i bought a Jack**y1000 and have been looking for an upgrade. A buddy of mine bought the AC180 and after playing with it my 1000 is up for sale and i will be getting one. Cust service was ok for me, i had an AC300 inverter with no ac output after 6 months daily use and the hardest part was actually finding a number to call to get my warranty started. They replaced it in about two weeks. I did have problems with Eco Flow when i ordered a Wave 2 that had problems and i just returned it and it was a long multi contact and expensive process. Going off a sample size of one i prefer Bluetti cust service.

  3. I ordered one a month ago and it arrived at my house dead wouldn't charge no matter what I did and it would turn off after a few seconds. It took them 3 days to reply to my refund request and then another 2 weeks for it to be delivered back to them. Extremely disappointed by the AC180 and the customer service. If they do send me a replacement I hope it works.

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