Bluetti AC180 – This is the power station to buy!


24 thoughts on “Bluetti AC180 – This is the power station to buy!

  1. Great video……..I’m new at this… I have an EGO lawnmower with a 10 amp hour battery and 10 4 amp hour batteries for tools…..I want to recharge my batteries…….which one of these would you recommend? Thank you….

  2. I just ordered a AC180 and received a little discount using your discount code. 👍🏽 Actually, I received a big discount using your code at Iceco as well. I bought the Iceco VL60ProS on sale for 20% off the Christmas sale and put in your discount code for another 10% off the sales price. 👍🏽 Also, I purchased some Iceco accessories using your code. 🙂 Unfortunately, I think they caught on and stopped your discount code from last year. 🤷🏽‍♂️🙂

  3. How long bad 📹 stupid bla bla we no most of the stuff you wast time. OK it will run my whole 🏠 ( For How Long). Most important. Let's say it only lasts 5 minutes. Who cares what it can run.

  4. Stopping by for your candid opinon – I enjoyed your take on the AC180 – QUESTION: a month out – has anything changed – is it still handling all of your needs – has that ECO mode been any trouble to you – have you had any need to to do any POWER Lifting? good job – tyfs

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