Bluetti AC180 Ultra Compact Powerful Solar Generator


This solar generator power station packs a punch and features all the great aspects we’re all looking for. Grab the brand new, …

Date: August 24, 2023

24 thoughts on “Bluetti AC180 Ultra Compact Powerful Solar Generator

  1. NOOO! watch out for the bluetti warranty is no good. I have the ac200p this unit battery numbers are very lower. unit is junk. only 1 years old, Also I have #3 350w portable panels failed (NOT WORKING) I'VE been working with kiki at bluetti she's is given me the run a round. Five mouths and I have #3 panels that do not work and a junk power station.
    Lower volts not higher. do's it work?

    Thank you every one


  2. They did an update to the app that now allows you to choose how long the screen will stay on. Now you can choose if stays on for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or stay on indefinitely.

  3. I'm brand new to the power station world … i recently ordered the AC180 with 120W Solar kit (awaiting delivery) … is there anything i should be aware of when using this to power a CPAP machine. Any suggestions/advice will be appreciated, thanks!

  4. Can you cover this as a topic?

    The BLUETTI device has a MAJOR security vulnerability. The bluetooth is always enabled when the device is powered on and it is not secured by any authentication or prompt on the device. There is also no way to disable the bluetooth. This means that anyone can connect to the device using the app via the bluetooth interface and control the power station (turn on/off power). This becomes a vulnerability in that critical systems can be turned off, systems that are required for animals (automated feeding systems, fish tank aerators) can be affected putting the wellbeing and life of animals at risk, and at worst, any medical devices can be turned off with a risk to human life.

  5. Purchased July 1, 2023
    My User Manual has a sticker applied at the bottom of page 7 that states, "This product must be grounded prior to operation. Connect a grounding cable to the grounding terminal of AC180. Fasten the grounding screw to fix the cable." No cable in the box and no explanation of what to do with the mystery cable after it is attached to the unit. What's up with that???

  6. Anyone had any problems with the ac180? I am in the market to buy a power bank, another channel recently uploaded a vlog saying they had issues with the ac180, one of which was it shut off when it should've been powering a 12v fridge.

  7. Thanks for your review. I did get one AC180 to put in the bedroom powering the TV and charge phones during a grid outage at night.(UPS feature is nice too) And at 500w I can hook 2 or 3 solar panels to it, and should be able to power the small load. We wanted something small size to fit in the upstairs bedroom and at 36lbs its light enough to carry upstairs.

  8. I like this form factor better than ecoflows equivalent. I have the eb3a , a few ecoflows and pecrons. The pecron 2000lfp has almost double the capacity and is about this size. But these new bluetti are super nice. I just might pick this one up over ecoflows river pro 2. It is also priced fairly in the sogen game

  9. Nice review..tnx..
    I have the little Bluetti EB3A..
    All is working very good…
    but i see Bluetti still has the Display time for 60 seconds….its goes Off very quickly .☹️. . which i do not want when i am connecting loads on it or charging…
    Come on Bluetti.. everybody wants a settable Display time !

  10. You can use the expandable batteries with this unit. I messaged Bluetti because I was going to cancel my ac60 and go with this if I could use the B80 with it. The said I could I just need to purchase a different cable for it.

  11. The AC180 launch price of $799 seems to be the best bang for your buck right now. It's just small enough to be portable for camping and events, but large enough to run your fridge overnight.

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