Bluetti AC200Max 2200w Off Grid Backup Generator | Modular LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Review


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  1. AC200Max: use code HOBO200MAX

    AC200Max+B230: use code HOBOMAXB230

    AC200Max+2*B230: use code HOBOMAX2B230

    AC200Max+2*B230+600w solar: use code HOBOMAXCOMBO

    AC200Max+600w solar: use code HOBOMAX3PV2000



    AC200 videos from summer 2020

    AC200 Review:

    AC200 Q&A:



  2. ??Very important question for me. Can you input two solar sources using that dc adaptor in one port but can they be different wattages. Like I have 380 on roof coming in and also a 125w portable panel I put outside.

  3. Enjoyed the video, thanks. Just a correction though. You said that the AC200Max could handle up to 1400w of solar, but in fact it can only take 900w. The additional 500w is via the adapter. It can charge via both simultaneously, so 1400w is possible but just not via solar alone.

  4. PS Thanks Prof. Hobo. Got $50 off with your code just now for the AC200Max! 🎉
    Which is also “on sale” now for $1599 😬
    Seems like a solid expandable unit in a sweet spot for a lot of folks.

  5. I recently purchased a Bluetti AC200 Max to use on my boat when at anchor. I intend to plug it in to my boat’s shore power cable to in effect replicate the 30 amp, 125 volt service I have when plugged into shore power at my dock. I went to test it the other day but got a reverse polarity error warning on my boat’s power panel. I’ve tried to read up on this but am confused. Some older threads talk about reverse polarity issues as a past manufacturing error by Bluetti while others indicate this is common for portable power stations and not of real concern. I’d appreciate all guidance. Thanks.

  6. Can the Victron Orion Tr-Smart 12V-12V | 30A Isolated DC-DC Charger be used to charge a Bluetti AC200P off a CCP post in a 2021 ford transit van for charging while driving? I'm looking to improve on the limited watt output from a cigarette lighter port.

  7. I have a question is it ok to use 3×405 watts solar panels on this i know maximum is 900 watts would it damage the battery or will it regulate to whatever maximum it can take

  8. I just purchased the AC200max today with the help of your videos thank you). Can you recommend a good budget 400w panel or ballpark 300w plus panel to go with this unit? I appreciate your videos and all that you do.

  9. It takes 900 watts of solar NOT 1400, the 1400 is for solar and AC charger. However you could probably have 1400 watts of solar on your cabin or RV and just split the solar and have an inverter power the AC brick so you can get a full 1400 watts charging.

  10. The RV plug is great but isn't it going to fail with most RVs because these are a floating ground? I'm pretty sure you'd have to bond your ground to use on an RV.

  11. Will it damage the generator if I were to use neutral ground bonding plug? My RV automatic transfer switch won’t recognise the generator because the floating ground…

  12. Hello, I have this unit and their PV350 panels. Do you or anyone know how long of an extender cable I can use between the two at 10 guage? I think I could do 30 or 50, but could I possibly do 100? Any help is appreciated.

  13. AC200max. I am trying to find an adapter for 5521 port that would connect to the bluetti with a 90 degree 5521 barrel and end with a 12v cigarette type socket that would carry ATLEAST 60 watts. I would like to use this to connect my iceco 20 which can draw up to 50 watts. I haven't been able to find such a thing. Any ideas ? Would be VERY happy if you could make one… I would be VERY happy to pay you whatever you might ask for this adapter. I am putting the bluetti in a space where I don't have a lot of room in front of the unit so don't really have room for the typical cig lighter type male end that the iceco refrig comes with. Thank you.

  14. This video is great! I just bought an AC200 Max. Quick question – In a pinch, could I technically recharge a lead acid battery from the 12v/30A custom accessory output with the alligator clamp attachment? Ref 2:58 of video. Thanks!

  15. If you are using and charging the 230 battery independently, is there a way to see % of charge without connecting to the ac200max or some other unit? thank you

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