Bluetti AC200P Lithium Solar Generator Review (After 6 Months Use Off Grid)


26 thoughts on “Bluetti AC200P Lithium Solar Generator Review (After 6 Months Use Off Grid)

  1. NOOO! watch out for the bluetti warranty is no good. I have the ac200p this unit battery numbers are very lower. unit is junk. only 1 years old, Also I have #3 350w portable panels failed (NOT WORKING) I'VE been working with kiki at bluetti she's is given me the run a round. Five mouths and I have #3 panels that do not work and a junk power station. Sorry see you in Quartzsite!

    Note; the one I have is not working! You are right,

    Thank you every one


  2. Fingers crossed that you never have any problems with the unit, mine stopped charging to 100% after about 8 months and I've barely ever used the thing, only in power outages a few times a year, and Bluetti support is worthless. They won't let me exchange the unit because apparently they don't sell the AC200p anymore, even though it's listed on the website, they wont ship me the AC200max because apparently they don't sell that in Canada anymore, even though again it's on their website, and instead of actually helping me out they've offered me a whopping $200 to keep the unit and shut up, the unit that was $2,000. What an insult, considering the unit is still under warranty for like, 3 more years.

    Mine also has that phantom power draw unfortunately, the thing is nearly useless at this point and I'm trying to get the issue resolved through Bluetti under warranty.

  3. Hi. Thank you for providing a very candid view on your experiences after six months for the AC 200.P. I just bought one and I’m doing a test at the moment with my tiny camp fridge that draws 69W. I’m not sure whether you have tried to enable the eco-mode that is in the menu. Apparently this puts the AC inverter into a more power efficient state when low power is being drawn from it. Since my fridge runs only 20% of the time to stay within the temperature range, this function is proving to be a huge help in eliminating phantom power losses. I’m finding that this fridge is only taking 10% of battery every 12 hours. When I compare this with my current AGM battery this is on point without any phantom losses at all. I am yet to try it with the DC inverter in vote and it is possible that this is a greater draw on fantompower.

  4. Excellent review. Perhaps you can answer a question. The cable length between generator and panels. Ideally could use a 50' length. There are aftermarket cables that are 12AWG although the other end may be proprietary. Not all all clear about the issue of current loss with cable length. If this issue would be increased charge time that may be acceptable. The units come with 9' cables that are not adequate in this situation. Can you possibly shed some light on this issue?

  5. We’re an older couple who use Cpap machines. We live in a residential neighborhood and are looking for backup emergency use only. Would like to use solar generation to avoid fuel issues. Any recommendations or thoughts?

  6. The unit is heavy but I don’t carry it around as a portable, it’s on a cart and I wheel it around when or where needed. I use a 300w or 500w solar Gen for its portability.. if I need more power on cloudy days I have 4ea. LifePO4 12v 100ah batteries which I can connect using the DC Charging Enhancer (D050S). I also have a 2200w pure sine wave inverter and carry 2 of my LifePO4 batteries with me if I need more power than one of my my 500W units isn’t going to be enough. I also have 1000w of solar panels 600w which are portable. There are many ways to work around a heavy solar generator that’s mainly never meant to be a portably everyday carry by hand.

  7. Hey yall, I just bought one of these units refurbished.

    How do I test it to make sure its a functional unit? How long should it last with a full charge and some particular thing connected?

  8. Interesting share, thank you. What would u say about the lifespan of this unit? And also if u can talk more about the solar panels? Also where shall I start looking about those custom build system? Any good link? Many thx good luck w ur home.

  9. Can you plug something in to the eb240? I need to go to NM for mold avoidance and will be in a tent. Looking for something that will help me sustain: portable dvd player, computer, burner, fan, maybe heater if it get crazy cold.

  10. i have one who does not much charge to 100 and stop at 99% and sometime sudden drop when i use it to 25% or nothing and another one who charge to 85 and go to 100% and stop charge and if you purchase this on amazon ca good look to try to get replacement who is working ok ,i would not buy again for sure

  11. BMS , that means ?
    Anyway i suspect this guy let the induction charger system switched on which could explain an additional power draw. It its located on top of the barrery

  12. Shame on you guys who gave this unit a big thumbs up because you basically were a paid spokesman for bluettti( free unit). Including the know it all will prowse. I don't believe anything you guys say anymore.

  13. Weiß jemand was defekt ist wenn über PV & Kfz-Stecker nicht mehr geladen werden kann? Die Verkabelung passt nach wie vor, hat von einen auf den anderen Tag nicht mehr funktioniert. Bin ratlos.

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