Bluetti AC300 vs Bluetti AC500 – Complete Solar Generator Comparison & Show Down


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Date: August 24, 2023

12 thoughts on “Bluetti AC300 vs Bluetti AC500 – Complete Solar Generator Comparison & Show Down

  1. GREAT REVIEW.How about after sales service???? Hope anybody can share their experiences if their system fails.Someone getting benefits with this reviews but i can assure lots of frustrated consumer after purchased like ME.2x AC300 split phasepurchased end of Nov 2022.One fails unable to use it now.Almost a week ,no help NO response from BLUETTI.BUY at your own risk

  2. I bought a new AC300+B300 combo in December and it arrived DOA. BLUETTI customer service is a joke. VERY unprofessional setup, the phone numbers on the website go to phones located who knows where and you can only get customer service via email. It's been a week and after calls every day and multiple emails, I am still trying to figure out how to return this thing. For all that the battery is able to be used separately for 12v charging, at this point I wish I bought an ECOFLOW unit instead.

  3. Does anyone know the UL number for the AC500 and B300s?
    They say they have the following certification: UL, CEC, DOE, FCC CA Prop 65, but I can't find this information anywhere.
    An inspector is hassling me to provide the UL info for the Bluetti system before he passes my transfer switch installation.

  4. Does the 300 or 500 have the ability to plug in a smart dual fuel generator. I understand pros and cons between Blu and Eco, but the smart generator for Eco seems extremely useful for off grid home.

  5. I cannot recommend Bluetti anymore. I would look at Ecoflo delta. Now three weeks plus following hurricane Ian and Max, the only person left in the company in customer service apparently, can’t communicate back with me. This used to be a great company …, they communicated well. All they do is send you an automated response which suggests they’re such a great company. They were.

  6. How long can this run a 12k btu air conditioner, a gaming PC, and 28 cubic ft fridge all at once? Thinking off grid cabin. Can you do a video and your suggestions for a solar panel kit that can overkill keep the batteries charged if this system is continuously being used. I'm talking 100 percent off grid set up and your price for such a system. Ty

  7. TWO BIG differences you failed to mention and make a huge buying decision. 1. The fifty amp AC500 is not a true 50a RV connection. Yes the plug from a fifty amp RV cable will connect – BUT it is only one leg of what the RV needs! A normal RV pedestal 50a plug is two legs of 120v, each at 50a. The AC500 is only one 120v leg at 50a. 2. As an AC300 owner you should have mentioned how the supposed “compatible” B300 connection DOES NOT work with the AC500 using the B300S cable! If you want to use (as I have/do want to) the AC500 with your B300 banks then you need to purchase ($99-Indigogo campaign, or $129 after) the P150D to P090D battery cable (which is not available until Nov)! Now for the hard part! I want to see how you connect two AC500s to get the stated 50a and 240v output Bluetti claims. The only connection setup they show so far is using their Fusion box and the 30a output. Can’t wait to see your follow-up reviews. Thanks for sharing.

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