Bluetti AC500 5000w LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station Solar Generator Review


36 thoughts on “Bluetti AC500 5000w LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station Solar Generator Review

  1. I wanted to build a shop that's all solar, off grid. I also wanted a office upstairs, considering nobody would be constantly using this space, mainly need to run a heater the office electronics, PC, and a freezer downstairs, tools sometimes but no power door motor, how many watts of solar panels and how big of a lithium battery would I need, just for a small shop and a office ?. Maybe occasionally a washing machine ?. Would this unit be overkill for my needs ?.

  2. The blood sweat and beers to DIY what this is capable of is edging on the side of sadomasochism. Why would you put yourself thru that!? This is a pretty slick unit. This would power my house, albeit a small house but it would do it. I use the 200P to run my 400sqft ‘Shabin’ in Vt. It does an amazing job. Runs a good fridge and a monster power cooler for bevvies, 2-110v circuits, a Rinnai propane furnace and an induction cooktop ..DIY🙄I’m too busy for that. Plus it’s moveable just incase you need to get the hell outta dodge💩

  3. Ok serious question – what happens if I plug this into a regular wall outlet and then plug in either the 30A RV or the 50 amp fast-charger for the plug-in hybrid? Would this work to run the RV at 30 amps while the battery is plugged into the wall? Same question for the 50 amp car charger? In other words, can I skip the electrician coming and putting a 50A charger in my wall with this system?

  4. Question on the 50amp RV plug i think its only 120v on one side and not 120v on each side so this will not power up a 50amp rv like you would have at a RV park right or am i missing something? my Jayco has 2 ac and a home style ref with the ac's running and our normal running mode we are using 1974.3w on one side and 1965.8w on the other side i am trying to understand 1. do i need two of the ac500 one for each leg and with two b500s battery packs on each ac500's how long will this run at the numbers i gave you above we avg around 2300kwh per month as we full time in our RV thanks for your help in advance

  5. I have for solar panels that I work for that then each solar panel 41 volt think it's like 10 point something amps 405 watts and I have four of them that will make.

  6. Simple question that Bluetti isn't able to clearly answer. Can I charge my Bluetti AC 500 with my Firman 7500W Generator? There is no documentation on their website that says this isn't recommended. But after emailing their tech support, received an email saying not to do this? I'm completely off-grid, without dependable sun and need additional power to charge the batteries when the sun is not out. Anyone have a gut feeling on this? Seems like a lot of money to spend for a often cloudy off-grid location. Any insights are appreciated.

  7. Whats even crazier is they could just use a cable with a 90 degree hookup….. still be vertical but it wouldn't stick out hardly at all. They do it in tons of things all the time so why not this? Just like dryer plugs or stove plugs… 90 degree plug

  8. How about 550 watt solar panels 19.8 kilowatts of panels on two sides of one roof of my home oh wait that's too much power for that generator and it's also too much power February's biggest generator ac900 which can take 9000 watt each which is only 18 kilowatts of solar panels.

  9. So that would be able to run my big water heater and my kitchen stove finally they have a generator for two things I need it for maybe not the most important things but two important things that I need.

  10. I do live in a place where it gets 40 below from time to time with 63 below windshield but that's only maybe a month or two of the year and it doesn't happen every last winter I did see like 15 below maybe it's 25 below because my water pipes froze but now that blue Eddie starting to make the generators I like that add beer to use from my house Nam have to save up the money for them and I suppose I could just buy ten of the same generator but instead I was by five of the different generators and ones that go with batteries I'll buy all the batteries for it to when I can afford to start doing that and some of that I might able to start doing this year of course there's a couple other generator sets I'm going to buy as well that's not from bluetti but I start buying their generators this summer but I won't be to buy all the batteries until next year or the year after. There's also another who regenerating to buy and that's the AC200 probably what I'm going to start with even though it ain't nearly enough they also take batteries but at least it'll be able to run the lights in my house. Or some my electronics and small freezer and frigerator and the computers and that is a start.

  11. If I could build a generator to do something like that I would be a billionaire so South Homan tells you that they can do something like that for cheaper tell him you want to see the business how much money have they made off their business and you want a business card if you want to review their generators.

  12. Course they come up with ac600 that does 120 240 then they come up with ac900 it doesn't 120 240 only three months after you made this video and that makes it so I want to buy that complete generator sets of of the complete five generators combo pack to 5 different generators with all it's batteries to each and as far as I know only one of those don't come or have batteries with and can't take batteries. And if I can get all those units all those different generators with each of them coming with two generators get all those five different generators two generators each and all the batteries including one that doesn't even have batteries to it that would be all I would ever need power my whole house and everything in my house and it'll make it so I never run out power even in the winter. I've never have to buy an inverter if I had all those generators but I probably would have couple inverters anyways and batteries to go with that cuz all those generators would not better handle all the solar panels I will have.

  13. Would there be any way or any evse that interfaces with this unit to adjust the amerage being sent to the EV while charging depending on the solar input to the unit? To preserve the battery's life as much as possible while also charging the car as fast as the solar is coming in? Say maintaining the units battery at around 50%soc

  14. Is there a way to disable and enable one of the 240v outlets at different states of charge, say stop supplying power when down to 20pct and restarting the supply when the unit reaches 80pct soc?
    Also can you output 2-2.5kw for ev charging while inputting the full 3kw per hour from solar for off grid ev charging?

  15. I need to run an espresso machine and a grinder both totaling around 1800 watts for events lasting for around 5 to 6 hours. What unit do you recommend?

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