BLUETTI Amazon Prime Day Solar Generator Power Station Deals!


26 thoughts on “BLUETTI Amazon Prime Day Solar Generator Power Station Deals!

  1. Dear Professor… I've watched some of your videos over the last few years and really appreciate your expertise. I'm still not very well versed on some of the technical aspects, but I took your advice from one of your previous videos and just bought the Bluetti AC180, as I am on a fairly tight budget and felt that it was one of the better values for a mid-sized battery. I used your code and got it for $779. I was wondering if you might be patient with me and tell me which is better, a single (large) solar panel, or a couple of medium sized panels? Any suggestions for a specific panel (or panels) for this Bluetti, that would be as (hopefully) as economical as possible? I want to get a rigid (non-folding) panel (or panels) as they will be used at home in just one location. Thanks again for your channel!

  2. I bought one, but then I find out it must be grounded before operation. They include the grounding screw but not the grounding cable. Any idea why they wouldn't include something that is needed to use the battery and where I might get a grounding cable to their specifications?

  3. hey I hope you are having a wonderful day today Anyone from USA who want to install solar panels or anyone in your Circle area who wants to Go Solar?
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  4. Thanks for the info hobo. Decided to cancel my delta 2 order (great price with your code) and went with the Bluetti AC200max since this has wayyyy more max expand ability. (3kw vs ~8kw max). Goal is to buy a few extra batteries in future to power whole house.

  5. Really great information and we appreciate all you’ve done over the years for newbies like me who don’t get all this. My son. just ordered his package (200Max+ b300h, and my oldest son will be putting his order in for a 200 max, and I will probably be ordering a 200 max. I currently have a 200 max, a 200 P, -3- B230 batteries. I agree with Tom in that the 200 max is the Best buy and just add the 2 b300 as funds show up…(totaling 6000W hours) That should handle your inefficient, upright, residential refrigerator, freezer, one or two chest freezers, standard cooking equipment, like air fryer and steamers and microwaves. Remember, you need minimum 30% more solar panels than you think you do from inefficiency and sun movement.

  6. Professor, appreciate your comments and advice, thanks. I currently have an EB70 and find I would like to expand capacity for my camping activities. I am considering adding a B230. Will this combination allow me to keep the EB70 charged so that it can provide continued AC power?

  7. Does anyone think they will update the 200 Series anytime soon? I've been using the AC180 and the updated features are incredibly useful with charge time, UPS, built in brick, etc.

  8. I would suggest waiting a bit longer if the 200 series interests you. The AC180 is a 2023 release and has 1400 watt AC charging. When the 200 series gets refreshed, it should be a superior product.
    If you need it, but it now, but if you’re thinking about impulse buying, wait it out

  9. Thank you for your quick reply. Can you tell me if the AC 300 can run a standard refrigerator in addition to the sump pump I spoke about. What is the total amps of the AC 300?

    Do the AC300 qualify for the 30% solar credit tax, if not used with a solar panel?

    PS I just saw the eco-flow Delta max 2000 on sale. Do you know if this would have the amps to run my sump pump and/or Refrigerator

  10. Can you tell me if the AC 200 max and/or AC300 Can power my three-quarter horsepower sump pump? The sump pump manufacturer says it has 8.3 running amps,And 20.6 starting amps

  11. Thanks for the great review. Seems like the 200Max wins for scalability if you have the cash. The 180 is the obvious choice to save cash, and the smaller ones are good for functionality of you have smaller needs. The unit is fantastic for the price, but not sure about the incredible cost of the batteries and panels. I got my 200Max hooked up to 3 x 400W in series. It's over-paneled but limits current to 900W in without fear. The point is that I got these panels for like $350 total on eBay. $600 for a 350W Bluetti panel needs some explaining, I guess it's foldable and portable and that's what you're paying for. If you're not moving it a lot or have it in your barn or shop, the 400W panels are the way to go.

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