Bluetti EB200 Solar Generator Review – 2,048wH / 2,000W Solar Power Station


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Date: August 25, 2023

31 thoughts on “Bluetti EB200 Solar Generator Review – 2,048wH / 2,000W Solar Power Station

  1. @shopsolarkits when you say the 25 amp dc port connects directly to the battery does that mean it is always powered on? Trying to figure out if that would be a good place to plug in a diesel heater

  2. Thanks for reviewing this, I'm travelling from Arizona to Florida soon and may be living out of my van while I apartment hunt. I've been looking for something that might be able to power my gaming pc but not make the attention grabbing amount of noise that a gas generator does.. That 3070ti and 1440p monitor uses a bit of power. This, paired with a 200w (or 2) solar panel, seems like it might be a good solution. Not perfect, but doable.

  3. Could you stack two of these and use a parallel genetator connector to combine power for a backup power at the circuit breaker box?

  4. In use the EB-200 here in Germany as a 240 Volt version in my mercedes sprinter-tourer camper as a house batterie. I use the power-station for interior lights, ice-box, microwave, toaster, water-heater and the webasto diesel interior heater, who runs over the 12 volt / 25A connection on the bluetti. I charge over 360 watt solar, the 12 volt out of the car. 240 Volt wall charger or a small honda generator was only for some testing in use for charging the bluetti, so fare.
    I used the bluetti eb 200 most times past summer and I never run out of energy so fare on my 4 days weekend trips, when not pluged in.
    The power station is compact and ok to carry or move. I can use it also a a back-up at home.

  5. Great video, Max! I love that it uses Lithium Iron Phosphate so no cobalt or nickel. 2000 watts is some serious power coming from such a small unit. I grew up off grid and when my dad first fired up an off grid system for our home it was about this much power but the form factor was about 10x and the costs was probably 10x too!

  6. Thanks for the video. Interesting product, but I can’t figure out the difference between this and the AC200Max. I can see the form factor and plugs have a few differences, but the overall specs seem identical. Maybe I’m missing something.

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