Bluetti EB3A and 200W Solar. Inexpensive Off Grid Set-up. + Cheap Hack to get 6x the capacity


41 thoughts on “Bluetti EB3A and 200W Solar. Inexpensive Off Grid Set-up. + Cheap Hack to get 6x the capacity

  1. I dont think its that good I have a little halo battery thats about 14 the size and lasts just as long as the bluetti, it has 2 usb and a three prong house plug, a light and can also jump my car and be charged by tbe cigarrette lighter

  2. As of today, (16 August) Bluetti has a sale going on. Not sure for how long, but the EB3A is on sale for $209. Regularly $299. If I hadn't built my own portable battery banks with greater capacities, I would buy one.

  3. I have a question.
    I connected 2X 100W panels in series but got a warning on the EB3A, I then tried charging with a single 100W panel and it charged just fine.
    Can you please tell me what numbers I need to look at to get the 2X100W panels to charge it? Do I need another gadget?
    Here's the specs of the panels- VOC: 24.3V lsc:5.21A

  4. I wish it had Quick Charge USB ports and a larger longer type LED light on the back as I will not be using as a flashlight but would have it on the counter for a room light. Should also come with cigarette lighter cable included.

  5. Are you on drugs? $400 for this TINY capacity (400WH) inverter? And your link for a 120w panel is $800
    These are absurd prices – I assume you're on a commission for enthusiastically talking about them rather than damning them for being over priced and under-capable.

  6. Once in a while is probably OK to use Turbo, but it is like saying you can rev your engine up to 6,000RPM… Once in a while is OK, but not every time you take off…. Use a bit of common sense and you should be fine.

    You can get a B80 (806Wh) battery for the EB3A. Check to see if the cable is available now.

  7. EB3A has a defect. It puts out an over load error code when running in the UPS mode. I tried to use it to back up my wifi, and router returned 2 units. I went on the. Bluetti community site and the list of same problems was extensive. Also the reps from Bluetti would send updates, but non helped. They have been aware of this since at least March of 23. Yet they still sell them.

  8. The battery cells used in that and most power stations is the double A battery type LIPO 4, rather than the big prismatic cells.. The big prismatic cells can get 5 to 6 thousand cycles to 80%, the double A battery type cannot, just for clarification..Of course if you charge it to only 80-90% and discharge it to 20% and slow charge it, you'll get alot more cycles..

  9. I have two of these and I need you to elaborate on the "Power Lift" mode. I expected it to give me 600 watts, when connected to any resistive load, by lowering the voltage. The two I have don't do that. When I attempt to run an 800 watt coffee maker, for instance, I barely get 380 watts of power from the unit. That is B.S. as far as I'm concerned. Are you saying that if the load is very far over the 600 watt normal output, the lift mode WILL NOT provide at least 600 watts to the appliance? What is the value of the "Power Lift" mode then, in that case?
    On the two that I have, they each have a lamp, equipped with an LED bulb, plugged into them. As near as I can tell, the lamps are running off of the unit's inverter and after the inverter runs the internal battery down to 99%, the charger kicks in to recharge the battery. Because it isn't an actual pass through type UPS, those two lamps blink every couple of hours when the switch-over to charge takes place. It is quite annoying and it may only be noticeable because I'm using non-incandescent bulbs, but in any event, it means that the units' batteries are being used and wearing out over time, rather than the power from the grid keeping the lights burning during normal times. That just seems wrong to me. But, beyond that, I do like the units. I think I may have even gotten them at a cheaper price that you quoted because of coupons, holiday sales, or new release promotions. I don't remember exactly, but because of the small battery capacity, I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't really cheap.

  10. I'm a bit confused about your battery hack… so how do you charge up the extra battery? I wish you have explained the use case for this. Can you hook up solar to the battery and pass on the power to both of the devices at the same time, or what not sure.

  11. To damp battery juice from an external battery into the EB3A you need the voltage to be higher than 13v…not sure your hack works for longer periods. Others use a Voltage step up, to 24v before connecting to the Bluetti.

  12. I have the eb3a and love it. But I wish people would stop calling these generators. They don't generate electricity they store power generated by solar panels or other generator. They are power stations or portable power supplies , battery inverter combination.

  13. I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I am looking for a small portable power station for tenting and this is perfect. My question is this. Can you use this to run whatever it is you are running while it is charging? Oh and a second question. Is there an option for a longer solar charging cord so that I can be in the tent with the unit while the solar panels outside are changing the unit? Or do I have to take the unit outside, hook it up to the 2 foot long solar charging cord and stand there like a fool while it charges for an hour?

  14. Hi Sir. Can I charge it from cigarette lighter while I am watching 17inch tv? I just try to save its power drain fast on the go? Thanks

  15. Hi Sir. Can I charge it from cigarette lighter while I am watching 17inch tv? I just try to save its power drain fast on the go? Thanks

  16. I have both the river 2 and this eb3a. I recommend this over the river 2. Higher powered inverter more solar input watts , a tad more capacity in wh. I tested both in my iceco dc fridge both are good but the bluetti lasted about an hour more. That doesn't seem much but if you are away remote away from home then that extra hour helps

  17. Push the AC or DC button to turn ON the display…. To turn it OFF, just hold down the AC or DC button for about 2 or so seconds and the display will go OFF. Thanks for the review.

  18. I have two Bluetti solar generators (EB5 and EB70s) The screen timing out is by biggest complaint. The lights on the buttons is another. They are hard to see that they are on or off when used outdoors on a sunny day. Other than that, I like them both as they are light and easy to throw in the back of the vehicle as well as have on hand for power outages.

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