BLUETTI EP500 5120wh LiFePO4 UPS BACKUP Off Grid Solar Generator Kickstarter Review


25 thoughts on “BLUETTI EP500 5120wh LiFePO4 UPS BACKUP Off Grid Solar Generator Kickstarter Review

  1. BLUETTI EP500: use code HOBOEP500
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    If you want to buy TWO at the EARLY BIRD price (per Bluetti CEO):
    Please follow the below step:
    1. Visit the project page and click the β€œManage your pledge" button.
    2. On the following page, select "Change your pledge". From here, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount to two EP500 or EP500 Pro. For example, origin amount for one EP500 is $2799. Plus one more EP500 is $5598. Then adjust your pledge amount to $5598.
    3. After the project ends, we will send you a questionnaire through the Kickstarter platform and then you can fill in the quantity, address and relevant information.

  2. I have done the research and this Bluetti is by far the best unit you can get today. I just ordered one today and cant wait to use it. Cheers!

  3. Battery charge limit should be available in any model. My ecoflow river pro has it. If i have it plugged in to solar or use it as ups i don't want it to be sitting at 100% for long time. I am checking out bluetti ac180 now because it has wireless charger and bigger inverter but it seems to be missing alot of options that i would like to have control over in app.

  4. Outstanding review. The product is too pricey for me but if I was going all in on a battery backup this would be given strong consideration. I use a propane generator with a transfer switch for power outages but I know at some point in the future I'll invest in something similar to this product.

  5. Seems to me that an EcoFlow Delta Pro with a Delta Pro Smart extra battery would be a better choice in most cases based on $/W and $/kWh and based on product line.

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