BLUETTI EP500 Pro 5120wh LiFePO4 UPS BACKUP Off Grid Solar Generator Review


Is the BLUETTI EP500 Pro worth the almost $5K price tag? In my unboxing review of this off-the-grid solar generator, I give my …

Date: August 25, 2023

39 thoughts on “BLUETTI EP500 Pro 5120wh LiFePO4 UPS BACKUP Off Grid Solar Generator Review

  1. Thank you for the videos! The first part of the video you mention you CAN run both sides of the transfer switch with the L14-30 even though it is only one phase (120v). But later on you mention you cannot. Does that mean that there is only one HOT on the L14-30? Or are there two HOTs but they are in phase? Thank you.

  2. Ibought a pv step down solar module so that I can use commercial house panels to charge .
    My question . Do you have a transfer switch connected to an mpp all in one solar inverter and also have the 30 amp connect

  3. Where did you buy the solar panel? Is it possilbe to connect any solar panel to it? I am trying to understand if solar panels have universal cables that just fit all of these or how it works.

  4. Nice, detailed video. Thanks for pointing out something that no other reviews have, about not powering both legs in a transfer switch. For the price of this unit, it should be able to do that.

    We have the EcoFlow Delta Pro only. I have it connected to a six and ten circuit Reliance Controls Manual Transfer Switch. It works Great. I use the RV outlet for the ten-circuit transfer switch and two of the 120V outlets, with a Y adaptor plug, for the six-circuit transfer switch.

    With this set up, we can power our entire house, minus the central AC. I'm hoping to purchase the Smart Extra Battery in the future. This will allow us to power our home for eight hrs. during the winter months, using the furnace.

  5. Just bought an EP500 Pro and tried connecting to transfer panel via L14-30 the same way you have shown – but not getting power. Did you have to enable the split phase option to provide power to your transfer switch?

  6. Nice system, i own a bluetti also however im currently piecing together the ecoflow home system, including their gas powered remote start generator, I'll max out the solar input but im sure I'll need the gas generator during winter to keep it charged

  7. Thanx from germany. Can you tell something about the noice. Is that thing so loud as my Ecoflow Delta Pro. This beast sounds like a big serverroom with 10 Servers running. Thanx

  8. I just ordered one for my home, but after watching your video, I realized I don't understand how to use it or recharge it at all. I wish you'd do a video for Dummies and go step-by-step on how to hook it up and use it. I don't understand what other things I need to go with it like what solar panels to get, what cords to buy, and what that box was in your garage. Thank you!

  9. Great video. Documentation is hard to find online, you say this one has a true UPS meaning it'll divert solar energy to the load without charging the battery if possible. Do you know if the AC300 does this as well? Trying to figure out why the price point is ~$1,500 more than other comparable Bluetti setups with same or more watt-hour and inverter capacity.

  10. How loud is it running solar charger (with lots of panels) and inverter? I have the delta pro and it’s too dang loud. Also, your adapter to get 2 legs for your RV will only work if RV isn’t running split phase.

  11. I got the Kickstarter version of the EB 500 non pro. 2000 W inverter.
    Same battery size.
    I don’t have any 30 amp or RV connector to it, just the 120 plugs.
    The only reason I bought it is I got a great price on it.
    If I were to look again today I would not buy it, I would buy the Bluetti A300 instead. I think it’s a better price and easier to maneuver. Seems like most of the same stuff in that model as yours, plus I have a feeling the efficiency is better.
    One thing I don’t like about mine is the efficiency. If I hook it up to my kitchen refrigerator the efficiency isn’t good. Hopefully on yours it’s better. If I’m just running a refrigerator, the inverter pulls a lot of charge and I’m sure the charge controller pulls something too.
    I basically use mine in the kitchen for when the sun goes down. I have another system built for off grid and it powers my whole house when there’s sun.
    P.S.I wonder if there’s a cable to connect a 30 amp from the EB500 pro to your RV. You still should be able to run your RV without using a 50 amp. But you probably wouldn’t be able to use your air conditioner.
    Efficiency wise I don’t think it would be good for an RV. A300 is the better option. 🖖

  12. Seems like Bluetti is playing catch up to Ecoflow. I have seen the Delta Pro and it is more versatile in a lot of ways. Not to mention the almost 5k asking price for the EP500.

  13. Thanks Gavin. Your videos are on point as always. Those LiFePO4 batteries sure are expensive, almost the entire cost of the unit. Can't wait to see the load test on this and please test out the UPS function.

  14. Man, is that pretty! Please, Gavin, do the same test out in the rain, heat, cold, snowing, or a dusty windblown area. At home, the garage is the perfect place for those. I am not making fun of it, but I am pointing out the real world here. Traveling with somebody A, B, C, or trailer isn't ideal. Any generator is the way to go and can do very well in all those environments. Not saying it can't work, but you'll need a generator anyways for the bad days because of the weather to charge that puppy up, yes? Yes! You do great testing, and enjoy your channel.

  15. Good content 👍👍 The only thing I would be worried about with that unit is fire. I wouldn't place that in my house. I've witnessed first hand experience with lithium ion batteries exploding and burning down a man's shop 500k + in fire damage 🥵 Keep it away from other things in the middle of a concrete pad and have a couple very large fire extinguishers near by!

  16. 🇺🇲💪🙏💥👍 Until the battery is no longer chargeable or leaks and zero service warranty lol Like the variety of content though, ty sir 🙏💥 plus $5500 is spendy.

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