Bluetti setup powering house tips and tricks ac200Max and B300 with generator transfer switch


36 thoughts on “Bluetti setup powering house tips and tricks ac200Max and B300 with generator transfer switch

  1. Love the setup , I just bought the max and plan on doing exactly the same thing.

    I do see you have it hooked up via the 120v outlet , I would use the ev 30 outlet right to your switch panel that way you can get an extra 10amps of power if needed.

    But absolutely love this.

  2. I ended up getting the Bluetti AC200P for a little bit over 700 refurbished. I couldn't afford the AC200Max 😔. I think their website says that they are expandable with the B230/B300… I have been able to charge it with a 1000 Sportsman Inverter generator👍.

  3. Hey, I'm looking to buy a Bluetti power station with a B300 battery. Although I don't have a solar panel, I'm interested in installing a transfer switch. I have a question regarding its functionality. If I connect the Bluetti power station to the transfer switch, can I also keep it connected to charge with the grid? I intend to use it as a backup power source, similar to a UPS. Is it possible for the Bluetti power station to automatically provide power to my condo if the grid power goes out, just like a UPS does?

  4. I bought a pecron which can go up to 8wh. I love this thing. Your setup is super awesome. Wish I could get the transfer switch but we rent so that's that. A little inconvenient but still cutting that electric bill a lot.

  5. Hi probably a question already asked but I read on the Bluetti forum that its not a good idea to charge and discharge the LiFePo4 batteries at the same time. Apologies for being naive here but if you charging by solar and using battery power at the same time, would that not do something negative to the battery?

  6. I got the ac 200 max based on your review! Thanks man.
    I tried the option with 1 old smartphone with teamviewer but the connection stops after a while so it's not so usefull. Did you have the same issue?

  7. I would love to see a mockup of how to install the cord for the solar – solar setup and the Generator transfer switch. I picked up the AC200MAX just before Hurricane Ian, and it did pretty good, but I want to get a couple of B300s and setup to go off-grid as much as possible.

  8. I have the old original AC200. I'm doing a similar thing but I'm in a rental so no way to do the permanent hookup.

    For those techie morons out here (like me), would you consider doing a video on setting up your phone, linking it to the phone next to the AC200, loading the software, etc. That's a GREAT idea that I'd like to implement.

    Subscribed. Thanks brother……Jim

  9. Hi, I love this video. I plan in buying an AC200max with two B230, I plan to turn off the main (switch off) how will I connect the ac200 max to the indoor house grid? Make a male plug to male plug and plug it to a wall outlet? With my plan will this be able to power GE electric range stove/oven, 2 ref , 1 small chet freezer, washer and a dryer? If yes, is this safe?

  10. Hi Off Grid Solar Smart House, I loved your review and it made me think of the possibilities I have at home. I'm living in Europe and I can't find any manual switch transfer with a possibility to plug in the AC200Max. Do you have any idea, is this a gap in the European market, or am I missing something crucial? Bluetti has a European market, so I wonder with what plug I could safely connect it to a manual transfer switch. All ideas and exemples would be very welcome.

  11. Wow! Thanks for explaining this so well. I have to get me a Bluetti AC200Max and B300 system for my house. The sooner the better. I'm just handing my money to the power company. This would also be great when I do off grid living in the future.

  12. Mini Solar Tip , a beuler and all other hungry electricity consumers can be infinitely dimmed with the 5000W dimmer (EUR 7). I run 5 dimmers in parallel on an 850W inverter. Kettle 2.2KW at 150W runs 12 hours a day, so the water is always hot. The room is also nicely heated. 2.5KW washing machine runs in parallel with dimmed to 200…400W. Iron, dishwasher, oven, electric heater, coffee machine, all internal heating are throttled with me. Videos on my channel The inverter stays cool, quiet and the MOSFETs remain intact because no extreme current peaks arrive at the inverter. Now every Mini PV Inverter is enough to sell large devices…

  13. Generator transfer switch,that’s what I would like to have to make it easier to use for the areas of my home electric ⚡️! New territory for me to figure out!

  14. Why don't you use the TT30 outlet to supply your transfer switch seems like with all that stuff connected you are risking drawing too much power from the 20A outlet… Also wouldn't it make more sense to plug your USB charger directly into one of the USB ports on the Bluetti? You are going DC to AC and back to DC again….

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