Bluetti Solar Generator Tare Down and Repair – See What’s INSIDE a Solar Powered Generator


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Date: August 25, 2023

23 thoughts on “Bluetti Solar Generator Tare Down and Repair – See What’s INSIDE a Solar Powered Generator

  1. Where is the cold weather shutdown sensor ? I have one of these units and it shuts down at about 47 degrees, So I can not even use my unit in the fall of the year, apart from that it works great, Was thinking about leaning a hot water bottle against that area of the unit, any ideas ???

  2. Great job and your mistakes will save anyone who watches this time if they are attempting to do similar. Usually when we take a mis-step, we're the only ones who learn from it so thank you for showing.

  3. My EB 2400 purchased from you folks stopped working, any chance you can send me the type of circuit board to replace the fried one? Assuming it's the same problem. I'm in Hawaii.

  4. Knowing how dangerous lithium batteries can be, it's nice seeing a battery enclosure be covered in full metal with fireproof plastic end pieces. Puts the competition to shame with their plastic battery boxes.

  5. I’m curious as to how their mains voltage short circuit protections work. I’m normally used to seeing electro mechanical circuit breakers, but in the case of the eb240 (which I received yesterday), I get the impressions that all the protections are controlled by programmable softwsre. Is that the case, and if so what standards are those protections certified to?

  6. By how the housing construction looks like, it would be extremely EASY and CHEAP for the manufacturer to very slightly change the two front and back plastic parts to be able to take a silicon gasket, that would probably make the unit at least rain-resistant (heck, invest another 2-3 bucks and even install silicon seals for the 12v and AC inputs and this unit will be almost perfect), by how it looks right now – even light rain that will fall into the wrong crack can cause such a malfunction, I am actually surprised that they skimped on a $1-2 worth of gaskets on such an expensive and high quality unit

  7. My ac50s wont charge, i bought it several months ago and i checked to make sure it's outlets worked, they did. Then i stuck it back in the box. Pulled it out a couple of weeks ago and it ran my fan and radio just fine, but when i plugged it in to charge it it won't charge. No error code, but it doesn't show charge off my 12v battery, house plug, or cigarette plug in my truck. Looking around i see that there are others with the same problem, the purchase email has been erased from my phone so blue etti won't do anything for me. Have you came across any fixes for them not charging?
    I would think the batteries are ok, i hate to junk a 400 dollar unit I've only ran for three hours. If its a matter of replacing a bms with a overkill or daly at least I'd get some value out of it. Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. "Tare"…is another name for a type of plant.

    When you "tear" something down…or "tear" it apart…you spell the word the way I just did twice!! Stay in school moron!

    Don't use the excuse that it was a one-time typo either because you did it in your thumbnail and in your video description.

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