Budget AMAZON Power Stations… Are they worth it??


32 thoughts on “Budget AMAZON Power Stations… Are they worth it??

  1. I just need something I can run my TV and maybe my fridge or mini fridge we don't have any gennys and we often have power outages at our house literally 2 in the last week they usually don't last more than 5 or 6 hours so I need something that cab power a smaller TV and maybe charge itself using solar power during the day. I'm thinking about getting the 500 watt jackery it's that or the 1000w if I can afford it and maybe find a good deal. As long as I can run my TV and fridge and then Recharge it from my car using my converter or my smaller power station.

  2. I just want something to give me 2kw of power for about 10 hours during a power outage. what do you recommend? I'd like a solar/ac solution. I'd like to be able to charge with solar if ac not available.

  3. Disappointing nothing was mentioned about the battery chemistries as they are a huge factor in selection. Curious Bluetti was not included in this test.

  4. these things are really big for what they can charge ..i think i will stick to my 8x anchor battery packs .. i dont think they make them anymore ..quick charge ports.

  5. At this point there are better options for similar prices. The Bluetti and Ecoflow smaller units have LiFe04 batteries and are $209 on sale, $240-ish when not. If I was going to spend $400 + I'd be looking at the Dr. Prepare PowerMax. Basically a 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery that comes with a module that turns it into a basic power station.

  6. how many volts would I need to run a 40 inch samsung 4k tv and a ps5 and a modem/router when the power goes out, would like to play for at least 90 minutes to pass the time, we have frequent power outages

  7. Plastic isn’t really cheap as the molds cost money. Plastic is arguably safer. When you have ground pins on your AC outlets there is likely leakage current to the metal housing – so is there a grounding lug – and who is going to connect it?

  8. Nice video. There are many different manufacturers in China who are making products with the same performance and lower price, but there is no doubt that several brands in the video are better advertised

  9. Enjoyed the video, but I have to assume that you chose the off brands due to price rather than long term quality. I don't own a Jackery but many YouTubers do, maybe because they got them free. I own two EcoFlow and would not buy any other brand regardless of price only because I can't run them down and they provide everything other than a light. The small one is very light but durable, and the larger one is heavy but will run everything in my camper other than the AC, and if it has a soft start, it would likely run it also.

  10. OKEPS Explorer S1500W Portable Power Station, 1280Wh Capacity with 3 x 1500W AC Outlets, checking this one on Amazon for $799’with 200 off discount at $599 sound pretty good

  11. Is it just me or does the first one have the lcd screen glitching …?

    I’m also curious on what your recommendation would be for starting off grid… I’m making a power station with panels and batteries but I’m literally gonna be 100% away from power besides my vehicle and I’m gonna be building a cabin and need lights… plus gonna get star link but that’s all after my permanent set up. Just need something to start off with for the first month… any ideas or Recommendations are welcome it’s for northern ontario

  12. granted, I am a special use case but as a blind man, the Bluetooth option is very attractive. It allows me to check the battery life on a unit without having to pester my wife to visually look at a unit without Bluetooth.

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