Building a 3000W Portable Solar Power Station, Great for Power Outages!


26 thoughts on “Building a 3000W Portable Solar Power Station, Great for Power Outages!

  1. HI. I have a similar setup – 3000w inverter is driving one portable AC unit around 5-6 hrs/day (timer based) – trying to keep a balance while charging batteries 6-9 am and 4-8 pm which is helping to reduce a tremendous summer electricity bill in UAE. Four 400w panels, and 4wheel trolley for batteries and inverter in use when I need to move it anywhere.

  2. This had me interested until the end where I see the price for this setup. Way, way to expensive. Didn't think solar was that expensive. Good video though.

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  4. Great video, would be awesome to see more info on the performance and capabilities. How dust friendly is this? I’m wondering about a camping rig….

  5. Have you found an easy way to limit charging the battery to 80%? I tried contacting Signature Solar, but they never responded to my email about it. Thanks in advance.

  6. You did not discuss islanding – if power goes out in your neighborhood and you plug your device into one of your outlets to run the house, you could end up supplying power to the grid. In effect, you could end up trying to keep your neighbor's refrigerator running. Also, if power line workers start working on the problem within your particular island, they could be exposed to mortal danger. As built, I recommend you ONLY plug appliances directly into the power strip and don't try to power up your house in the event of a power outage. I also agree with the grounding comments below. Don't make an ash of yourself, ground this sucker!

  7. I would put the unistrust on the back side then use longer hardware to mount it. The weight would be in closer to the hand truck. I would also recommend putting it to use full time to offset the cost. Mount some solar panels and power as much of your house from it. The battery will fail due to years far earlier than you will wear it out for cycles plus you know it's always good to go if you're using it.

  8. Thank you for making this video. I built this today. One thing you say in the video is that you'll "test the communications later." I was unable to find a video where you tested the communication though. I watched a Signature Solar video that showed how to make the connection. It would be helpful if you posted this link in the description of the video:

  9. Can someone please explain how you can use that Growatt inverter outside? It is rated for a relative humidity of 5% – 95% noncondensing. I live in Florida and the humidity is perpetually 95% or higher.

  10. this is not building u just bought ready stuff and bolted to a trolley… 0 electronical value wasted time video for idiots how to bolt a freakin box to a cart

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