Buyers Beware Allpowers Monster X Review


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Date: August 25, 2023

43 thoughts on “Buyers Beware Allpowers Monster X Review

  1. Bought this generator for back-up in case power goes out in a storm. It was really easy to get set up. Oil comes with it. All you do for the battery is plug two wires together. Great wheels make it very easy to move around, and it's a good size so not too heavy. Added gasoline and it started up the very first time. I'd buy it again if I ever needed two generators.

  2. Stay away from ALLPOWERS all models imo!!!

    Don't bother with Allpowers MonsterX pro either. terrible, had five in total between my replacements and a friends and all absolute rubbish, never had so many problems, terribly made, some of the buttons don't work, they even rewired some functions on buttons sent out them ones saying don't use that button lol!, display was inaccurate, sudden total discaharges, worst customer service ever!! blames me for everything!!! but replaced with sometimes worst (other peoples returns?) offered discount which I refused, evventually after weks and weeks via amzon intervention got full refund – never going anywhere near Allpowers ever again!!!

  3. Wow, thank goodness for channels like yours, I was really considering buying one of these as the specifications looked great and it comes with solar panels. This is an expensive piece of kit here in the UK. You just saved me £1500. It would seem their customer service is to be questioned after how they dealt with you. I won't touch anything they manufacture now. So thanks, you have saved people like me a lot of money and hassle. I'm so glad I look for reviews on everything I buy before I buy. Top man.

  4. I bought the Monster X Pro. It ran my fridge down and the battery shut off. I have had problems trying to AC charge it back up. I had no problem the first two times. My box did not even come with a warranty card to send in. But I did buy it on Amazon so pretty much that is my start date of July 2022. I do say when it worked, it worked well. Their App doesn’t seem too good. There is no power off button for it. Still waiting for customer support as they are based in China

  5. – I purchased this because of the price point. I live in Canada, and didn't receive the item from All Powers until I emailed & stated that I would take them to Better Business Bureau. When I finally received the generator I used 3 times, then when I plugged into wall to recharge I heard an audible "pop" and the machine is now completely DEAD/NOTHING/NADA!
    Does anyone have any advice on how I can get this machine working again?
    I'm not going to bother trying to send back to the company, because I'm sure that I won't get a refund, or repair. If possible I think it's better to try to fix myself – if possible.
    Thankyou for the reviews you do, hopefully will save others from wasting their money.

  6. I know I'm late to the party, because I was just looking and almost bought one. The price point is what got me. So I guess it's true you get what you pay for. Thanks (half the price off compared generators)

  7. Honestly and surprisingly all these cheap power stations are typically pretty good. It doesn't matter the brand, they all Function as they're supposed to in my experience. I've owned a lot of these cheap amazon power stations and every single one of them has been pretty good. My latest is a 600wh all aluminum shell unit that uses passive cooling, no fan. Its great, one of the best I've tested and it cost $275 shipped all in. $350 off currently, really good deal. Maybe I've just been lucky.

  8. When the manufacturer is 7,000 mils away, you're pretty much screwed. Espcially on a big-ticket item.
    They make 'em as cheaply as possible and sell 'em for the most they can get.

  9. Thanks for this "review" I actually have 5 products from Allpowers, 4 of which are replacements and only one of those replacements works as advertised. Their 100 watt+ solar panels are really good though, especially when linked with 2 or more, but the software in their powerstations is just plain poor and boarderline criminally under tested. AC outputs don't work for long on 2 of them, shutting off and presenting an error code even with nothing connected, another loses all charge for no apparent reason when over 60% and another suddenly stopped changing via DC in. Like others I'm looking at the other two well known brands now. Allpowers customer service is only good if you purchase through somewhere like Amazon where they can be heavily punished for bad sales tactics or where reviews actually count. As I said, I got a number of replacements then a full refund and even a free solar panel for tweaking my balanced but critical review.

  10. yeah mine just quit charging , the battery percent number just flashes , when i plug in the AC cord the cord gets hot quick , i took the top off the unit but dont see anything like a circuit breaker , any suggestions would be great thanks , i havent tried to call them…… yet

  11. That’s a great review I was about to buy this and thought id see a review I need it for high load so mine would be the same issue

  12. I bought the Monster X Pro on a deal through Amazon and it cost me just under £2k. Not satisfied at all. If the sun goes behind a cloud it stops charging. I have budget solar garden lanterns that charge without direct sunlight. The AC power input also doesn't work. It's going back..

  13. Thank goodness I stumbled upon your channel, you have just saved me a small fortune as I was seriously considering purchasing one of these. I want to get a portable solar generator but like everything else, I am trying to get the best deal, its not like money is no object. I really appreciate your honesty and I have subbed, and will go binge watch your other review. Many thanks and take care…..

  14. Well… I was just looking at the same unit for purchase … hence me finding your review. Thanks for saving me a big headache as poor quality + poor customer service equal… no purchase. Nuff said…

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