Can the Bluetti AC200 Solar Generator power an entire RV – air conditioning and all?


We test the new AC200 to see if it would work as a quiet alternative to a gas powered generator for boondocking. Products …

Date: August 24, 2023

36 thoughts on “Can the Bluetti AC200 Solar Generator power an entire RV – air conditioning and all?

  1. Very easy to operate, started on the first pull.Only wish a wheel kit was available as an option to add with this model choice. But, not a deal breaker as you can see with this improvised addition.

  2. Very nice video. Thank you. Planning on getting a T@B 400 which sports a 8000 BTU A/c which draws 800 W. With this Bluetti and 680 solar panels I'll be sitting Pretty cool.

  3. As long as you have sun this is reasonable but once you get into night the real challenge shows up. Even starting the dark at 100% and not running your AC (200w draw continuous) you will end up with only about 8hr of runtime. I love my AC200P (and AC300’s/B300’s) but the ability to sustain is limited to sunny days only.

  4. I have been wating for someone to address this very issue.couple questions.
    Do i need to isolate the charging/battery system to make these useful. I have an air conditioner that runs on household voltage is this an issue. And third is brand very important with these products.
    I have a 20 foot wildwood that i would like the option of running the air and a couple wall plugs now and again.

  5. Thanks for the video ….. this is the way to go … way better than the complicated solar battery setup with inverters ,,, plus I think you can monitor it from your iphone ,,,😃

  6. @The Prepared Ranch is there a way to add another battery stock to ap200 or rigged way? I can afford the ap200max at this time but can afford the ap200 but I just realized tou can't stack batteries?

  7. Great demo. I see I need to get more panels – my 2x200W aren't going to cut it, especially to be able to have power all night. You need at least 2000W worth of PV, and additional battery capacity.

    What's the seer rating on your A/C in the RV?

  8. TIP, You can steplessly dim down an under-table bulge and all other hungry electricity consumers with a 5000W dimmer (7, EUR). I run 5 dimmers in parallel on an 850W inverter. Kettle 2.2KW at 150W runs 12 hours a day, so the water is always hot. The room is also nicely heated. 2.5KW washing machine runs in parallel with dimmed to 200…400W. Iron, dishwasher, oven, electric heater, coffee machine, all internal heating are throttled with me. Videos about it on my channel The inverter stays cool, quiet and the MOSFETs remain intact because extreme current peaks no longer arrive at the inverter. Now every Mini PV Inverter is enough to sell large devices…

  9. real good video, Mr 'Ranch. I too just got my new 200p but having a hard time cooking burgers on the built in grill on top of it! Just kidding, I know it's for making pancakes.

  10. Get the dc to ac converter and add 4 to 5 more panels. Hard part with these systems is keeping anything with a constant power draw over 150watts running all night. Upgraded to a ac300 because i run 2 high end gaming pcs on that circuit and so impressed with the 300. i plan to replace the upstairs ac200p with a ac300 and at least 6kwh on hand. Basement will have 12kwh on hand by the end of this. With ac 300 you can improve solar to 2400 watts per unit. Two ac300 will run a home and can be split phased to 240volt. Maxoak is great and i think they are the leader in the solar battery bank market. Jackery and the others do not come close to what bluetti offers. As for portable i would go with the ac200Max that way if you run into nights where you run out of juice you can always grab another 2000wh or 3000wh battery to expand that pack.
    Once i get the 2nd ac300 the ac200p i have will become portable power for camping and working out in the boonies.

  11. Nice, but you have not stated what the startup amperage draw is on your AC unit. MY AC200Max is a 2200 Watt device but will not run my AC in the 27' travel trailer. I have been unable to find specs on my AC unit, but clearly the amperage draw is higher than the output on the AC200Max. It faults every time, so I can't use it for AC in the trailer. Runs everything else very well. Do your research people, or you'll e disappointed about what the unit you buy can actually run. Lesson learned. In reality, I couldn't afford a bigger solar rig, so the AC200Max will have to do.

  12. Thanks for making this video! "You are the wind beneath my wings." Nobody else comes close to actually shows this in real time or explains what you need to keep it running. I hope Bluetti contacted you to let you know what a fine job you did. I ordered the AC200P this week. I am still trying to come up with a place to store it out of the weather and keep the 30 amp cord extended to it from the inside. Maybe cable hatch in the floor?

  13. Great real world test! Thanks for doing it! I do wonder how it would have done if the RV wasn't under the shade though. Have you used this set up out in a campground since making this video?

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