Can This, Run That? What Can This Solar Generator Power! Fulltime RV Living!


38 thoughts on “Can This, Run That? What Can This Solar Generator Power! Fulltime RV Living!

  1. Great video. I have ebl rechargeable batteries such as double a and c size and d size. They have lasted a long time. I came across a video about the power station a few days ago and have been researching it and yours is one of the very best videos yet that actually show what you can do with it. Thank you

  2. It took me about an 30minutes to find this video i watched when it 1st came out to send to my husband. He was woken up at 3am when the power went out & shut his cpap off.
    They are having a snow storm in Wisconsin at the moment.
    Are you still satisfied with it?
    Thank you for the informational videos

  3. Did you say that your solar panels came separately? Because I haven’t received them yet, and not hearing back from the company yet ☹️. This is such a great deal though (if they come, LOL)

  4. Just got me one. Thanks Kevin it’ll be great when I need to run my “box fan” 😜at night and I don’t have hook ups and I can’t use my generator. Praying for Alicia’s quick recovery.

  5. Great video. One video I would be interested in is your experience with internet. What do you use, what has been your experience in download speeds? Do you have multiple hotspots? I am looking to do more traveling and WFH. Thanks.

  6. That’s a nice charger, definitely will be on the list to purchase sometime down the road. Cool review Kevin. Also that chair Phil has looks comfortable.

    Oh yeah that baby bed is awesome and can’t forget the box fan

  7. Kevin great video but please make a video on Phil's chair. I'm 6' 2" 270 lbs so I'm what they call a lawn chair serial killer. I would love to find one I could use. Thanks again.

  8. Great "real world" testing! I figured it would run the a/c but how long…I'm guessing maybe a couple hours. We have a fair sized solar set up on our 5th wheel with 1320 watts of solar and 400ah worth of lithium and we might get 6-8 hours running our a/c with a tv on and running a residential fridge but only about 4'ish hours running the electric fireplace at best lol. But that thing is compact and probably a hell of a lot cheaper than 15k lol Can you run these in parallel?

  9. That thing is awesome! Everyone should have 1 for a backup. Back 17yrs ago I had a generac big whole house natural gas generator put in, since my daughter is special needs. Now she's on a ventilator & the times the world is in is pretty scary. I feel like if we end up without power, we will be without natural gas as well. And my daughter requires electricity to live. I've been debating on buying a small gasoline generator but I really like this with the solar power. And oh the love bugs 😵 being in Ohio I never saw them till we went to Disney world. They are horrible.

  10. Great job Kevin, man is that baby bed is the bomb, for the love bugs wash off the big parts then wet some dryer sheets use them to remove the remaining parts. Sounds crazy but works like a charm. Good to see Phil finally found his chair 👍

  11. On running the camper, you might want to try putting a neutral and ground bonded plug in the additional outlet on the solar generator. My power watch dog will not let power through to the camper without one.

  12. Great easy breakdown of what this battery can and cannot do. I have a”BALDR” portable battery, that looks identical to the EBL. I wonder if it’s the same company.
    Again, great video.

  13. What up phil🤘..
    You forgot to test the most important feature… the flashlight!..
    Seriously though, great test, i have an eb70s and used it last night actually to power some lights while i was digging thru my shed..after i shut off the lights i used to the flashlight for the long,dark walk back to the house..

  14. I think the "issue" with solar is, as you found, the earth keeps rotating and the sun moves and clouds. it's not as constant.

    And the reason i would want a Solar panel or two or three on my roof is to protect me against times when power isn't available. your RV has a generator to get you through those days. 2 is 1 and 1 is none sort of thing.

  15. I have to say you do the best videos most informative realistic an authentic reviews of products and situations, I think you missed your calling but great job keep up the good work I hope your wife is healing good

  16. I’m sorry but I’m very concerned for Phil doing a lot of standing in his video poor man must’ve had to take a four hour nap after this what are you doing where is his chair

  17. When AC inverters with enough power that will not run electronic equipment is most likely due to a distorted sine wave (modified sine wave) and not a smooth pure sine wave. Modified sine waves are cheap to make and are very noisy to sensitive electronics. It is like listening to crack and bad speakers that distorts the audio because it can no longer producing good sine waves.

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