DETAILED REVIEW EcoFlow River 2 PRO Review & Testing solar generator


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  1. I am looking for a power station to use in our Travel Trailer at night to run our tV and media player and I am having a difficulty in getting a specific answer. Today I used a meter and measured the draw at 120 v on my combined TV and Media player load… I averaged a 46 watt running load. Can you tell me how long the power station run based on the draw. I do have a generator we can run during the day and charge the station the next day. My current set up is a 12 v deep cycle battery connected to a 300 wt Beltek invertor.. it has served me well for the last few years… the cost of the deep cycle battery is under $100 … .so, making a jump to the power station would be a 4x cost increase!

    I tried to call EcoFlow today on the phone with their 800 number…. I sat on hold for 47 minutes and when the agent picked up he hung up 2 minutes in to my question. that's not a good way to start when trying to evaluate a purchase Hopefully you or someone on here can answer my question.

  2. thanks – great video and lots of good info presented very clearly – Im thinking about getting one to supplement my emergency prep, I have a gas generator that can run most of my necessities but looks like this little unit could work well for shorter outages when all I need is a fan or two and the fridge, for anyone else's info and comparison, my fridge is a 26 cu ft 2020 model that uses about 160w most of the time with short zero periods as well max about 220 for a few minutes. So it looks like this one would meet my needs. mostly it would be handy if I were not home when the outage happened since there is ZERO chance my wife would be willing to learn to start the generator and flip over the main breaker to the interlock….. Ive tried to explain the process and that is just not gonna happen! to intimidating for her to mess with it this is a much safer and less involved backup plan. thanks again.

  3. Hi. Do you know if the functions change quality due to change in temperature in the room where you put it? It has been a very warm summer in europe this year, also inside the house, and the winters cold even inside…Ps I bought the ecoflow river 2 pro this week, and the 160 w solar panel. When I unpacked the solar panel I was very surprised that there were no xt60 to mc4 cabel, although the printed manual said it should be included. The sun is shining outside, but I cannot use my device but have to wait for the right cabel! So I absolute agree with you, a solar kabel should be included, at least together with the solar panels…

  4. Hi…nice review. I am considering this river 2 pro or the EB70. Can I ask what are the factors you made to choose this over the EB70? At my location, the EB70 is cheaper by 30% so I am searching why I should pay more for this river 2 pro, thanks in advance!

  5. Hello, in advance thank you for the ecoflow river 2 pro detail review, that clarified some doubts that I had.
    You made the pass-through test using AC as input. What about using 12V DC, cigarret lighter or solar as input, the pass-through works as well? or only works when input is AC?
    Thanks for your feedback!

  6. Couple of lay questions:
    What caused the smart Keurig die?
    Is this compatible with other brands of solar panels?
    Why would we need to reduce output charging for older outlets? Is there a fire risk?
    Fabulous review!
    Thank you!!

  7. Hello mate. Thank you so much for these great videos. I love them!

    I am planning on purchasing either a river 2 Pro or a delta 2 but can't decide. I live in Cyprus and we get frequent power cuts. I need something that can help me power my pc or tv, maybe a fan in the summer to get through the night.

    As far as I can see the main difference between river 2 pro and delta 2 is the 300 wh capacity right?

    The price difference between the two is quite high in Cyprus so I'm not sure just that difference is worth taking the leap.

    Wanted to ask for your opinion mate. Thank you.

  8. I'm in the market and doing a lot of these videos, and I have to say this was one of the better reviews I've ever seen on one of these power stations. Well spoken, you don't speak tech language, you don't assume that everybody knows every terminology, and you speak plainly and clearly. I think this was really well done and I appreciate it very much!

  9. Nice review. I was going to buy one of these but ended up with the Vtoman jump 1000 with a way bigger battery (1408wh) and larger inverter 1000 watts with 2000watts peak as well as the expandability to nearly 3000wh capacity with the option of the extra battery. All for a similar price.

  10. Thanks so much for making these videos as they are very useful! I have a question. Is there a way that those two barrel ports can be used for extra USB outputs to charge devices with some sort of adapter like a USB A charger that plugs into the barrel adapter you show in the video? What others accessories do you recommend?

  11. Cool thing about these new lithium iron phosphate batteries is that they can't overheat or catch on fire. Sometimes my current river pro gets a smokey smell coming out of it when charging or when I run a device from it. The painter doesn't use anymore than 200 watts either when I pull the trigger.

  12. I need to explain more about power on Refrigerator, you forgot the defrost cycle mode. Power on defrost on my 10 years old whirlpool Refrigerator use about 400 watts versus normal run use 130 watts. I think defrost once per 24 hours.

  13. Xboost is widely misunderstood. It does NOT provide additional wattage. It just reduces output voltage. The River 2 Pro is rated at 800 watts with Xboost off. That’s ~6.7 amps at 120V. With Xboost on and connected to a 1200 watt device (10A at 120 V), the Ecoflow will output ~80 volts at the same 6.7 amps as before, or 800 watts. And if you try this trick with a refrigerator, you’ll burn out the compressor. The only thing it’s remotely good for is running a 1000W heater, and in much less than an hour a fully charged battery will be dead.

  14. Thanks for the video! I'm a techie and I can definitely say my grandma could understand your explanation (if in Greek though 😅).
    Is it a good good pure sine wave output while charging? Could you please check this and let us know before we buy? 😁
    Thank you again! God bless you!

  15. The difference in the CPAP watts is whether the humidity warmer or a heated cable is used. When I use a battery as I camp I always turn off the warmer so it uses less current. For coffee I will probably use an electric kettle, as small as possible, to boil water and pour it over a filter.

  16. So you say storing at 100% charge is bad for it. It can't be very reliable for a power outage when you have to store it at around 60% or so and you need power at the drop of the hat.

  17. Nice honest review. Quick question. I usually only run my battery down to 10% and then to fully charged at 100%. Would that consider a full cycle charge towards the 3k life cycle ? Ok thank you.

  18. Please I would like to ask: I have a 300 watt 12.5 amp photovoltaic, if I connect it to the ecoflow river 2 pro will it give me 220 watts or will it cut it off completely? Thanks!

  19. Very thorough! Informative! As always! Technology is moving fast! Popular opinion Eco takes second place to none? Competition is fierce! This is capable of getting off the grid? Electric stove is 220 W? Solar panels capable of providing all requisite power to operate a home using 2000kw standing alone? What are the cost for solar panels? This is certainly fodder, i.e., food for thought. Fossil fuel is becoming more of a threat that is inevitable to eliminate dependency and has been indicated by a global trajectory. Thanks for your video!

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