DIY 1500W Solar Generator Build


21 thoughts on “DIY 1500W Solar Generator Build

  1. Maaan, I wish I'd seen this video when I had the bright idea to DIY a unit like this for my full-time Prius dwelling and started buying the components… now I know it's a cumbersome and inconvenient option vs the overpriced options on the market (guess they're not so overpriced when you consider their compact neat-ness and such…). I recently found Pecron's LiFePo4 units tho so I'll hopefully be able to repurpose my 100ah LiFePo4 and 3000w inverter + various cables, MPPT controller etc some other way. This is awesome and a great method (love the case to hold the components!). Thanks!

  2. Good video. I think I would put foam fatigue mat between battery and bolt heads to protect battery. Put entire thing in a portable tool box to make it easier to carry.

  3. Video suggestion idea, a rundown on 12v vs 24v vs 48V DIY systems. I have off the shelf solutions but doing a DIY looks so fun I just might have to try.

    Love the content. I keep the notification bell on!

  4. Thanks for teaching us something new. I never knew about this "world" of DIY battery setups. Keep up the awesome content! I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos.

  5. Hi, I would like to ask you for your input about a Eco-worthy-600W hybrid inverter (with only 1 outlet) this the Description: All-in-one Inverter(600W 12V Inverter+30A controller)

    Build-in 30A Controller Part

    Solar Charge Mode: PWM

    Solar Panel Wattage: up to 540W

    Rated Input Voltage: 12V DC

    Max. Solar Charge Current: 30A

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter Part

    Rated Power: 600W

    Peak Power: 1200W

    DC Input Voltage: 12V

    Frequency: 110V-60Hz,___

    I would like to build a "mobile hand cart Generator," also I would like to hardwire a small 2-pole (30 amp breaker box) to hook up an welder 240v outlet ? to your suggestions will be really appreciated

  6. one could use a milk crate but i love this better. a nice piece of plywood wood do the same but eyes drooled with the 1/4 polycarbonate. certified photovoltaic/solar thermal technician here RESPECTS 👍

  7. Thanks for the video, Very informative. My question is why the charge controller output goes to the inverter and not directly to the battery it is supposed to charge? Thanks.

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