DIY Booster Battery for your Bluetti /Ecoflow Solar Generator


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Date: August 24, 2023

30 thoughts on “DIY Booster Battery for your Bluetti /Ecoflow Solar Generator

  1. As a Canadian, almost none of these items are available anymore (or already sold out due to the popularity of this video), any chance you could price out a finished product and shipping to Canada?

    EDIT: Thought this video came out today, not 3 years ago hahahahah…oops

  2. It would be nice to be able to convert my e-bike battery into a backup battery or UPS but I'm afraid to screw it up lol. Plus, with batteries, I always worry about fire hazzard

  3. I have a Delta Mini and is there is voltage/wattage curve for batteries (& solar for that matter) so one knows a battery will not be too much; or is one safe as long the 75V is not exceeded? I would worry that 2 of the 36V batteries in series, with a 72V charge, might blow by the 300W max?

  4. I see some problems:
    The battery packs are not mechanically secured. During transportation, they can press against the board and crack it. And, they can pinch the connecting wires, thus damaging them.
    The charger is metallic and is not securely mounted in place. It can touch the bare solderpoints on the faceboard and make a short circuit.
    I do not see bypassing diodes. If one pack shuts off in a series groups, it can be reversed. I hope the internal BMS's have a reverse polarity protection.
    I do not see an undervoltage and overcurrent protection. I know there are internal BMS's in the packs, but that will lead to reversing them as mentioned above. Besides, when one pack shut off, the wlole current capacity will decrease, thus overloading the remaining groups. I know about the fuse. It will heat up during high current demands.
    A global BMS would make the initial charging and ballancing an automatic process. And, it will ballance the battery packs and thus prolong their lifespan. And, it will protect the whole battery better.

  5. Why did you say Only (2) KWhrs. That's a very hight starting point! To dismisses as a bait & switch. I have a Total of just over (2) kw hrs. 600 watt hrs for the top floor lights & one TV being used @ the same time. With a modern Amp, and any Guitar Bass, or Acoustic guitar with the home Theatre system & appliances. If we have very bright 🌞. The hotter & faster the panels get more $ they cost! The faster and better they work. 2 kw is great mid point amp

  6. I have followed your channel but you never mentioned how can we order what your selling and on the item you working on. For a few years now that I want to order but I can’t!!!! He never responded on any of my notes either 😞
    Anyone can make a video on how to order from this guy?? Anyone can help?

  7. Problem. I used the pack to charge my Ecoflow last night although the Ecoflow was close to full. After Ecoflow was charged, Plugged in the pack to charge 3 hours ago and the amps keep going down over the past few hours. What is going on? Meter is now reading 41.4 ah and 51.5 volts, dropped about 10ah. AH have been decreasing with charger plugged in. I have unplugged the charger. Please advise what may be the issue.

  8. Do you have cany more of these partially assembles kits? How can I get one of these or something else I can use with my 200acmax?

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