DIY Milwaukee Packout Generator. W/ Solar Charging. Part 2


19 thoughts on “DIY Milwaukee Packout Generator. W/ Solar Charging. Part 2

  1. So was this cheaper to build compared to a similar solar gen u can buy such as a jackery or eco flow? And how much did this cost to build?

  2. This is great info. Thanks for sharing your build. Im getting ready to start this project too but with less bells and whistles and no relays lol. I've been debating on 12 vs 24v, after watching this, im now leaning towards a 24v system with your 12v solution for the accessories.

  3. 8 years as a electronics technician in the military. Now six years in as an electrician. I wish I had you as a father. We would build all kinds of cool stuff! So this idea is great, convenient and portable. However its got me thinking about a larger scale. What about a cross over tool box in a truck? Larger battery bank, PV arrays mounted on the lid. Maybe a 12 volt compressor and tank. An external air chuck. WP GFCI outlets. A slave cable slot for jump starting. Set it up to where the trucks electrical system powers a charge controller for the batter bank. Build some sort of integrated headache rack with task lighting ran off the batter bank. External lights that illuminate the bed. Just throwing out some ideas

  4. Your build is absolutely beautiful, and so well planned out! I've gone thru a couple of prototype builds myself. My most recent is the most polished so far. I used it to power my ham radio gator box all day at summer field day. Running radios all day, standalone (no external solar or other charging) it only drew down to 13.09v. I bit the bullet and went with a 100 ah Power Queen battery that has a built-in on/off switch on top. My sort-of vision is modularity, eventually mounting my 2000 watt inverter in a separate detachable box on top, for situations where I don' need to have it. Also have 3 charging methods – A/C to DC, DC to DC (from vehicle system), and solar. I opted to use 2x12v panels in series with a 24v to 12v solar charger to maximize the charging potential on less-than-jdeal days.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  5. It's been a long haul but I'm finally done building this Packout power box. I want to thank all my subscribers who patiently waited for this video to be released. You guys are awesome.

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