DIY Solar Generator! 1536Wh Portable Power Station Lithium LiFePO4 HOW TO


25 thoughts on “DIY Solar Generator! 1536Wh Portable Power Station Lithium LiFePO4 HOW TO

  1. Our electric has been going off quite regular recently due to storms in the area. This generator has been a life saver to help keep our house, us, and our animals cooler during the 100+ weather. We can also use with our travel trailer on vacation

  2. @7:36 realize he over cut the hole, improvises (nicely done), plays it off as a simple change of mind! That is exactly how DIY goes… If you don't make mistakes and then find ways around, then your not doing it yourself! Bravo!

  3. Good build for most functions. But better technology is better than tilt or mercury switch. I build a motion detector from a spring small magnet. Operational amp with coil to set to a momentary on when there is movement. Not sure you could buy those however. But your version might work out with slight uncertainty.

  4. I dont know. I built my own in 2017. Battleborn 100aH was 999. Redarc dc/dc was about 400. Pelican case 250, 3000w pure sine was 300, may loco battery charger was about 200. add another 250 for all the parts and wires etc, I was in it for about 2500.

    Today you can grab a Pecron 200ah for 1k. I agree mine is more modable, but the Pecron also weighs 40 pounds less. The DIY are fun, but hard today to beat some of the prefab. Wasn't the case a few years ago when it was only Goalzero

  5. I just came across your video of the Power set up, and if you go to a caravan part place you can buy either input or output 15 Amp 240v plug instead of using your pipe style set up. Great idea maybe do upgrade versions of video due to price increase. And include the price of items at the time of the video made because you didn't mention the price it cost totally for all kings products as well as wiring prices. Thanks, just a suggestion .

  6. Probably should have just used a variable voltage DC/DC charger so that you can set the charging voltage parameters. Something like Victron DCDC chargers. Works very well and it’s dead simple.

  7. I have no idea how you managed to Tetris that all together. I'm seeing, but the believing is still trying to catch up. Nailed it.
    Yes please to a larger box version.

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