DIY Solar Generator – Portable Lithium Battery Box Build – Part 1


45 thoughts on “DIY Solar Generator – Portable Lithium Battery Box Build – Part 1

  1. What would you do to keep a monitor on the batter level and if you went with a larger batter like a greater that 500ah battery, would anything need to change like bigger cords or different fuse box?

  2. 6:42 I think you'll find that the wire strippers work better if you turn the strippers around so you are gripping the wire side and pulling the stripped cover off with the cutting side.

  3. That was the best example of how to put something like together I have seen yet! Most videos just TALK about how to do it with pointing to the components, this was a legit build video! Thank you! Would like to see 110v outlet added to a set up like this, I have need for one, and various ways to set up charging it back up.

  4. Turn the battery sideways you can add a 1000 watt inverter on top. 200 watt inverter is good adding a second inverter is great! It's better to have it and not need it, Then to not have it and need it.

  5. For your iPhone, since apple doesn't do QC charging, you can get a USBC to lightning cable and that will tell the port to output 9 volts for faster charging. Great build!

  6. I guess one downside to this is that it's not fully capable PD because it can't do the 15v or 20v PD charging, like what you'd use for a laptop. Good for phones though.

  7. Yes you can build these yourself quite easily. BUT consider these: 1# Costs, how much saving if u buy them components? 2# space. I doubt u can make it smaller/lighter. 3# testing, thermo management, etc. a manufacture product should have been tested throughly so piece of mind right there. Its fun to do but not practical nor cost saving.

  8. Really like how you set yours up. I did a similar DIY solar generator and I used a big old Rubbermaid storage bin to fit just about all of the same components plus a 1200 watt inverter, MPPT, and some 12 volt case fans. So there’s a lot of dead space in mine

  9. I did something similar with a regular battery box. I use it for over night fishing and just general power needs. One thing I suggest adding is a small eagle eye light connected to a switch.

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