DIY Solar Generator – Save Thousands by Building Your Own


DIY Solar Generator – Save Thousands by Building Your Own Check out our follow up videos. building a better version: …

Date: August 24, 2023

23 thoughts on “DIY Solar Generator – Save Thousands by Building Your Own

  1. Here are the components used in the follow up video

    Here are the links to the components we used:
    Solar Panels:

    Check out our follow up videos. building a better version:

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  2. Aut0 zon6 marks down car batteries to a fraction of their original cost when they hit one year on the shelf. I've snagged dual use and deep cycle optima regular price $200+ marked down to less than $50. Only catch is that managers tend to snatch them up before customers have a chance at them. So eyes on the date stickers for one year olds, and when located, get thee in stealth, and haste straight to checkout!

  3. Not same. 40 Amp mppt charge contoller for $70? Is it any good?
    Im guessing the 400 watt panels were portable, not Harbor freight.
    You "forgot" to mention, ui screen, possibly an phone app fit, finish, cooling fan, sensors, flashlight, USB ports , cables, connectors, bolts, sleeves, cable management, ability to charge with AC/DC, UPS feature, packaging, shipping, labor, low voltage shutoff and other safety featurrs, and most importantly, a 2-5 year warrantee depending on make (anker has a 5 year warranty)

    …but decent video and I understand the DIY approach but similar specs doesnt mean similar results.

    Was able to get Anker 757 for $699 during Prime days and no-way you can match that with a DIY setup.

    I did like your video though.

  4. This is a good option to save money. Plus you can use whatever battery you want.
    MY suggestion is put the inverter ONTOP of the lid. The lead acid gassing will attack the internals of the inverter and will destroy it over time.

  5. Hey bud I have a question… so I have 4 agm batteries that I want to use in parallel…. I mainly want to use it to power a portable a/c that will use around 1100 watts, my question is I know it’s best to get a 2000 watt inverter but how do u size the panels that I need ? Should I get a panel that outputs my highest watt usage ???? And let’s say I got 2 550 watt panels will it cause issues when I am not using them to power the a/c just just using them to maintain the batteries ?

  6. Awesome video!!.. I was just thinking about getting a solar generator because my generator so loud. My RV have panels on top and a whole system that charges itself and I got thinking to myself with everything I have I probably have everything I need I have two inverters a bunch of marine batteries ect. Even have like five extra panels.. I figured that's all that those things were. . Thanks for breaking it down I was overcomplicating it

  7. All I am going to say is better use pure sinewave inverter or thing well be destroyed like motors in stuff. Led lights will over heat. Also the battery acid gas will ruin the electronics inside that box.

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