DIY Solar Generator Setup for Beginners


19 thoughts on “DIY Solar Generator Setup for Beginners

  1. Very Helpful for a beginner. I am an Electrical Engineering Technician. Recently retired after 38 years of bliss (Sarcasm…LOL). The parallel wires that came pre crimped from the factory for the inverter. I would say are ok to use. However for long term use. I would recommend a larger gauge wire in one run and scrap the parallel stuff. One thing I thought I would mention . Over current protection, be it a fuse or breaker. Is there to protect the wiring (As this is what would catch fire) and not the components of the system. I would also suggest that ferrels be used on the stripped wire when connecting to a device that uses cage clamp or screw clamp at the point of termination. If it is a screw on a bus bar or something (possibly a stud) a ring terminal is a great option. Your presentation is great! I just thaought I would throw a couple of things out there.

  2. I always learn that Normally, first step is to plug positive red (inverter – >battery) and second step is to plug negative black (inverter battery)

    And you do not this, is it normal?

  3. Hi, I have a well water pump that needs 12,000 watts to run. I have two solar batteries at 6,000 watts each. Is it possible to combine 2 solar batteries of 6,000 each to make 12,000 watts to run my well water pump? If yes, what is the setup to make this possible?
    I'm currently using a 13,000 watts gas generator to run my water pump but gas prices too high. I want to use portable solar power station batteries instead.

  4. Thanks for the informative video! Suppose you set up something similar, but minus the battery, would that inverter be able to operate directly with an AC load during daytime to draw power from the panel? Is it something that depends on the inverter itself? Thanks in advance.

  5. I enjoyed this video. It great when you find someone willing to take there time explaining as much as possible. After watching many videos I feel that I could make a power system. Thank you.

  6. As a complete newbie, this is the most I've ever understood someone explaining electrical. I'm moving into a skoolie full-time and would love more videos like this!

  7. Good video. I had a similar setup less the inverter. You can get inline MC4 fuses. I would suggest putting one between the solar panels an the charge controller. 👍

  8. To be honest some of these videos are just unsafe! It’s just irresponsible to say for demonstrations purposes we’ll use this inverter which in reality is double the size a 100ah battery can power and we’ll use this fuse which is not correctly rated and theses cheap double wired cables which should be thrown in the bin! People out there in YouTube land will buy and connect the same system based on what you have demonstrated and the end result will be a energy source, the first ancient energy source…FIRE!!!

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