DIY Solar Generator


Solar Generator Build (Total Cost $2000, Does not include solar panels, cables & stand) (Amazon) 1) AmperTime 12V 200Ah …

Date: August 24, 2023

24 thoughts on “DIY Solar Generator

  1. I've been researching a DIY setup, and yours is by far the most ingenious I've seen yet! So much thought and effort, the modular portability with the 3 part system is great! And your truck build!! This is what I aspire to be like as a contractor, thank you for the time and effort put into making this video to share. Much love and respect 🙌🏼

  2. nice build 🥰🥰🥰🥰i have that same tool box with 48 volt pure sine wave inverter love it from my inverter i used 12 gauge wire the wire you used to wire house with 2 15A Breaker and 20A breaker for my out let them

  3. I built the same thing but in Milwaukee pack out box. Its a all in one 5000wh 24v li ion(18650 cell built myself) battery. 2000w inverter. 20amp mppt(could fit a larger one) all in one container. Since my battery is regular li ion it's smaller than yours but 2x the capacity. Works great.

  4. That's such a smart, even beautiful build, but at $2000 it strikes me that you could have bought an equivalent off the shelf, so my question is "am I wrong". I'd love to make my own but the cost would need to be a lot lower.

  5. One observation… in your battery box you have the cables from the battery to the lid arranged so the positive is above the negative terminals which seems not optimal from a short circuit pov. 🙂

  6. wow i wish this had a diy build with all these components. This is exactly what i would like to build for a Ovrland Camper and use at an off grid property to build things etc in Arizona.

    Great work and craftsmanship

  7. I'm considering building one of these and this is the best I've seen on Youtube. Any chance of doing a rough wiring diagram? I think I know what to do but looking for conformation on bringing together the battery, solar, and power supply without causing issues. Thanks.

  8. I like the setup overall.
    You may want to consider insulating the inverter connections. They crossover and come dangerously close to each other when the case is closed. If someone decides to lean on, sit on or rest something on that case it could get interesting. I know you wouldn't do it, but you never know what others might do.

  9. are the batteries mounted to box so they don't move up or down if box tips over ?, just wondering because the battery plus and negative terminals are only a inch or so from each other

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